Wednesday, August 29, 2007

blogging blogging blogging.........

I am not sure what happened to my other post, but I tried to edit it a little bit and couldn't get back up on my page without cutting and pasting it..........not that a ton of people are reading my page but we can dream right.
I am excited that there is a place that you can keep in touch with people and journal keep so to speak about your life and aspirations. Writing to me is very therapeutic and I used to do it much more. Letters to the editor, short stories etc. It really was the only subject in school that I did well in and perhaps my grammar and spelling aren't the best but I try to write something somewhat compelling and mind-jogging.
In a society of self-pleasers and self-promoters I don't like feeling like I am on display. It is a bit nerving. Not as much as other websites such as myspace. I am not on myspace but would consider it the equivalent of me hanging out at the Vortex downtown, if I were. I am much to old to be dancing in a cage and much to old to look at naked people stroking each others ego feathers of how cool cool cool and hip they are to belong to such a classy gig. This is why I love politics because I have something to say about the society in which I live and its decaying morals. I am not so worried about me per se, but our children growing up in a pedophile breeding country rationalized by a small amount of legitimacy. Myspace is kept alive by self promoting and attention needing people. Most of which are teens or pre-teens with little or no attention at home. I have seen 11 year old girls with girl on girl photos of themselves posting to any guy that will give them some attention. And what is their competition? Other women with porn ripped profiles and stripper flogged poses.........not the rule only the exception, NO. I know women personally on myspace that have turned themselves into soft core porn models and have their children draped alongside them. In such a look at me society I shudder to think my son would ever seek out such an outlet for attention. Enough on that subject, I am grateful for a page that will hopefully keep a bunch of great friends in touch.
Obviously my politics will follow suit to the conservative approach of naked people and porn. I am conservative and yet am more of a Bush fan than a republican at this point. I am disillusioned with a party that would jump ship quicker than democrats did in the 90's when Bill Clinton was playing with cigars in the Oval Office. There is no sense of principle in Washington anymore only win at any cost, and abandoning the President at such a crucial time is lame. Democrats can't hate the President enough. It is Avery dark time for the President and he is thick skinned and not poll driven, thankfully so..........I believe history will prove him correct on all fronts of this war...........besides why go up against an enemy that is so formidable that we return home after 1 or 2 years.....should we really be there if this is the case?
Abortion is a hot topic again as the struggle to attain the Presidency is clothed in appointing judges federal and supreme..........How earth shattering it would be to overturn Roe vs. Wade? Women would be sent back to pre-suffrage and by golly break out the bercas. I have had it with feminism encroached in such a feeble-minded solution to unwanted pregnancy. Women need to get a grip and stop dressing like hookers and attracting men than like hookers and strippers and getting knocked-up because there was no other option. The intellectual argument doesn't work for me when it comes abortion choice is before the sex ever happens. A feministic approach would be to empower women against such activity and not wallow in the premise that feeble females make stupid mistakes that nee to quickly be remedied at will. Am I anti-abortion YES.........
Hillary is a poor role model. She is by every definition co-dependant. She stays in a marriage that we all know is fake and riddled in infidelity. I am sure Bill has hung up the messing around with interns act...........It keeps me up at night to think possibly 4 years of sex scandals with Hillary in the White will make interesting television. Get out the booty patrol.
Barack is arrogant at best. A junior Senator thinks he is cut out to be President. Whatever. Articulate. OK. Who cares. People want a movie star for a President. Dems are hating it. The pickings are slim. The only advantage they have is if the candidate sucks as bad for the republicans they all stay home and don't vote.
I hate movie stars. Hollywood in general is soooooo gross. Why is it that when people get famous they get sooooooo darn crazy. The entertainment industry is lacking any sort of direction other than the green movement, the gay cause and a twisted anti-war theme. I could care less about Al Gore and his stupid Green crap. Hybrid shmybrid......take your freaking sanctimonious environmental causes and shove them up your BUTT...........start caring for humans with the same tenacity and I will listen. SAVE THE HUMANS. Kill a water bottle. Declare NAMBLA and porn illegal and I will listen to your stupid legislation to STOP GLOBAL WARMING. My main concern right now is getting my child through his child hood without getting assaulted by a FREAK.
Boy that felt great.........I am off to football practice. I shall have more to say tomorrow especially about little league sports and the scary parents............oh dear. What is up with the living through your kid thing???? ta ta for now


icanseeclearlynow said...

wow! i love it! a woman with as many opinions as me- woo-hoo! kudos missy!

we can agree to disagree. i just love it that you speak your mind and are not afraid to tell the truth!


Snowmomutah said...

I knew there was a reason I loved myspace so much, it must be the same reason I love dancing in the cages at the Vortex.... I'm kidding.