Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my new post

This is my first post in my first blog and I am sooooooooo excited. This is for all my friends and family to keep in touch and to have a glimpse into to our world now that we have moved from Arizona back to Utah!! We miss AZ sooooo much and are making plans to turn our house into a vacation rental to at least generate some income while the housing market sucks so bad. We are excited to be doing it with Karen and Wayne Gruninger our great friends from the Val Vista Lakes neighborhood!!! Visit if you want to check it out!!! Life in Utah since the move has had its many challenges and we feel somewhat adjusted FINALLY!!! Jake is in Football and is quite the little X man. I shouldn't say little he is a big kid now and we couldn't be prouder of the way he has handled the move. It was a big move for a kid who was ruling the school with his buddies AJ and Kyree....AJ still has best friend status and we miss the Aueluas tremendously!!! He is doing very well in school and has been the teacher helper often because he finishes his work early....unlike his mother!!!Rob has been super busy with work and I have been busy taking care of my dad who has recently had surgery for his colon cancer. The surgery went ok but there is still a long road ahead and it has been difficult for him and for the entire family. Frolics is in a rut and may be sold to either expand or take a break for a while. Bigger and better is what we would like to do but with the housing market the way it is, waiting will have to win for now.We miss the Toolsons, the Larsens, Jean Porter, the Bollwinkels, the Earls, The Gruningers,The Jandas, Laquicia and Kyree, My butcher, my cleaning ladies, the Aueluas, the Ashdowns, the Stotts, the Gwerders, the list goes on and on not to mention Oreganos, Nandos, Gecko Grill, Sautee, Cheesecake Factory, wildflower bread company..........yadda yadda yadda riding around in my convertable cranking my tunes and people not thinking I am nuts............they know I am but love me anyway!!!!! This is it for now LOVE to all and next will be my political take.............of course you knew it had to come!!!
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Niks hubby said...

what's the point in having a blog site if you don't have any strong opinions???

quit being so wishy washy on things!

Go Utes tomorrow night at Oregon St

Yatesfam said...

Hey Nikki,
Don't know if you remember us but we were in the Emerald Bay ward with you! It is so fun to find people you know on here. You guys are in Utah now? That's great! We are too, we miss AZ tons though! Just thought I'd say hi!!