Saturday, September 1, 2007

Football, Fall and cooling off...........

I love this time of year!!! Fall is coming, the stores are carrying Halloween and fall stuff. There is a small bite in the air and it is getting darker quicker. Jake being in football is helping to contribute to an overall nostalgic feel. This is the time in AZ when I would get Utah sick. September thru December 26th were hard to get into the first few years, but I learned to "fallify" the house and eat soup and hot cocoa anyway with temperatures still in the 100's at this time.
Jake has his first game today against Hillcrest and they kicked the crap out of them. 42-0. Jake is the kicker, and is an X man on the line. He is doing soooooooooo great this may be his niche in the sports world. The other team was complaining that we kept scoring, but our coach took out all our big guns and our scrubs cleaned house as well. After the game we heard a mother from the other team that they would rather loose every game rather than practice 2 hours every night. And we do practice 2 hours every night and we kicked booty, and practice is better than sitting in front of the TV or playing video games every night. The kids actually have a great time and we have a bunch of awesome kids and parents on our team!!! Let's hope we continue to do this great!! Fun for the kids to work so hard and reap the rewards of that work..........I would guess they would take winning over losing!!!! Happy Labor Day everybody hope you getting some rest from your labors and enjoying a long weekend............We hope to go to AZ after Football and before Christmas. I am AZ sick for sure. PEACE OUT

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