Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gidget siezed the moment and got censored.......BUMMER

By now anyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about the entertainment industry. I of course watched the Emmy's as I am a huge fan of the TV show "The Office". Several people were bleeped because of bad language or whatever. I know Hollywood has their girdle in a knot over this. CENSORSHIP CENSORSHIP...................They are all against it. It stifles their creativeness and of course it is an infringement on their 1st amendment rights to pollute society with their smut disguised as ART!!!! Fine. I would feel for their cause if they weren't so dog gone hypocritical about it. It is no different than Don Imus getting the boot for calling female athletes "Nappy headed hoes". The network has a right to filter out anything it would deem offensive to listeners and or viewers, therefore losing business, therefore censoring those who put the network at risk of such an outcome. Fox has every right to SHUT THEM UP, just as CBS shut Don Imus up.
Now I have something to say about Gidgets anti-war speech. I really dislike the term anti-war. It insinuates that unless you are anti-war that you are pro-war and I really do not like war. I feel there is a difference in the two. I believe there are times when war is necessary. It does not mean that I think we should blow up countries right and left as a solution in dealing with enemies. I also do not believe the opposite of war is peace. Even with no war there is no peace. This country is far from peaceful. We have problems galore. Pornography, crime, drugs, domestic abuse, child abuse, abortion, racism, hatred of all kinds, evil keeps us from peace. We will have no peace unless we all come to the realization that our children are watching us and learning how to conduct their lives. And sometimes we leave them with an emptiness that is filled with the things of this world, drugs ,porn, money, adultery, and a self-indulging appetite to make oneself happy with a complete disregard for others, example: bad marriage after bad marriage,partying,drug abuse etc. etc. etc. in Hollywood, not exactly a formula for PEACE. So Sally your rant about the mothers of this earth solving the problem of war is sanctimonious and naive. There are plenty of mothers ruining the lives of their children in your industry...................AND of course your speech was a push for Hillary Clinton. MEMO TO SALLY: PMS .....................I think there could be more wars.


Christy Denney said...

I am glad you joined the blog world because you are truly entertaining. My blog seems so shallow compared to all your political talk (which I know nothing about). I will just read your blog to get informed on politics, OK? I hope you are liking Utah...but I know Susan misses your company!

Nikki said...

Christy GREAT to hear from you..........GO DOLPHINS!!! Jake is playing football and WOW it takes alot of time. I am sure your boys will be doing the football thing soon enough. You guys look great and we are cheering for John. We miss AZ. I definately miss the good life when Susan I were doing pedicures, shopping, lunching and cruising in the convertible. We still have our house so perhaps we weren't quite finished with AZ yet. A dual residency sounds good to me. take care......Nikki