Saturday, September 29, 2007


HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!!!! This weather is FREAKING ME OUT!!! Yes it snowed today and Jacob got to play his football game in the slush.........He said it was freeeeezing but fun at the same time. Today was a novelty day for us for sure, but I can tell the cold is going to be hard to get used to. I am still not warm. In fact I crawled into bed and shivered for over an hour. Chili needs some sort of dog whisperer. He was already having issues with the move. No geckos to chase, no fenced in yard to roam, no more 115 degree lounging days. He has been out of sorts for months now. So I did what any good pet owner would do, I took him out to go to the bathroom in the snow..........he was having no part of it. The problem of him running outside when the door opens has been solved. Snow. Our born and raised in Arizona dog has seen enough of Utah.
I have discovered that I actually like UGGS. I used to hate them. One because all movie stars wore California. People wore them in AZ and I would immediately begin to sweat when I saw them. I wore my UGG slippers to the game today and my feet stayed SUPER WARM!!! So I am shopping for more! Coats are an issue right now. All the coats we have are 5 or more years old. It is time for a little North Face. I have been downing Hot Chocolate like a cocaine addict and I am still cold. What is it with men and soup?? I love soup. Soup is cozy food. It's comforting. It can be a meal when accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. But when it is consumed it is always followed by the 1 hour later........" I think I'll make myself something to eat". HhMMMM I thought we just ate, sorry it didn't sit inside you like a BRICK.................I definitely need something pumpkin!!!! It is time. I just want fall a little bit longer. I know bigger snow dumps are ahead, but I need some time...............and some snow tires. On my convertible. And a coat. And some socks. And some boots. And some mittens. I LOVE MITTENS!!!! I am out.


icanseeclearlynow said...

wow! snow already, huh. i guess that just reminds me that here in the pennsylvania mountains, our time is coming too.

poor chili. our dog, lucky, hates to go out when it rains. he's a princess.

i've had my eye on those uggs too. i might have to invest in some.


Nikki said...

Hi Maria........I bet the mountains in Pennsylvania are beautiful,I would love to see some pics. I will post osme pictures of Chili!! I am bidding on some pink short boots (UGGS) on ebay right now!! They are at 20 dollars and holding for now!! Ebay is the way to go......missed your later gator!!Have a great day!!