Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My take on the Republican debate and the candidates and in my view the winner.............though I do think debates are pretty worthless even the President lost almost all of his debates and it had little effect on both elections. I am not going to critique all of them just the big least big guns for now:

1. John McCain: The Senator is the Arizona version of Orrin Hatch to Utah. I have never had warm fuzzies for McCain but I do think he is by far the strongest when it comes to foreign policy, homeland security, Iraq, immigration and the war on terror. This is his strong suit and he even gets the other candidates kissing his butt on all of these issues. His weak areas are social, economical and fiscal issues. I give him a B+ on the debate for his strong showing on foreign issues.

2. Rudy Giuliani: I am not a huge fan of the Mayor. His strutting his mistress around is a problem. He is only average in all the categories. He doesn't dominate in foreign nor domestic nor social issues. He is really only running on his popularity and record as the Mayor of the biggest city in America. How many times do we have to hear it. He was not so good tonight in my opinion. I give him a C-.

3. Mitt Romney: You know he always gets the hottest candidate vote from me, however he struggled tonight with foreign policy, war in Iraq and also war on terror questions. These are his weakest areas and it will be difficult to outshine John McCain in these questions. He is much stronger on domestic issues. He is much more sound on economic and social answers. He was ok but did not shine tonight. I give him a C+ for the night.

4. Ron Paul: GO AWAY!! You scare me and look too much like Mr. Magoo to take seriously. F

5. Governor Huckabee: Way too Gomer Pyle for me...........D-

6. Brownbeck: Way too Greg Brady for me..............D+

7. Fred Thompson: whatever dude. He really isn't going to be a factor. His wife is a liability..........has anyone ever seen her? She is a Hollywood trophy wife. The dude is a hundred years old and he has a 2 year old kid. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. She is probably getting a makeover to see if she can look more like a first lady. Right now she looks like a pimp my car groupie. Perhaps this is a good thing.

I guess the winner of the debate tonight was John McCain..........He really shines when speaking about foreign policy. I thought it was a great debate and the panel asked good tough questions and good follow-up questions as well. I wish I could stomach a jack-ass (democratic) debate. I will give it a try in the near future. To me it is Guantomino (I know it is spelled wrong) Bay to have to listen to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Bin Laden.....................oops sorry. Don't call out the PC police it is just a joke. I do think his name is a problem for him. But no I don't think he is Osamas brother. Though he does want to bomb Pakistan.
PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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icanseeclearlynow said...

mr. magoo, gomer pyle, greg brady ... hilarious! was that you i just saw in my third grade classroom? :)) i love how you observe people and size them up!

in this second half of my life, i no longer follow politics (too frustrating). i leave it to the astute observers like you. keep letting it rip girl!