Friday, September 14, 2007


I really do not like movies. I think they are mostly trash and Hollywood propaganda. Hollywood likes to indoctrinate the general public into thinking a certain way. And from the looks of Ariana Huffingtons website they don't much care for conservatives like me. So I figure why patronize a lack luster non-talent driven industry. They think I suck and I pretty much think they do too. It is a hate-hate relationship and I like it that way. HOWEVER.........I am a pimp for the western!!! I love westerns. I love anything in a country type, horse riding, gun flinging, kill 'em fast type movie. Now you don't have to kill for me to like it. I am an avid Little House on the Prairie watcher and even have the DVD's. My husband and I went to see 3:10 to Yuma last night with Russell Crowe and I FREAKING LOVED IT.............. It has all of the great one liners a western should have and even more action. Russell Crowe IS A MAN. He is a bonified, I will shove a phone down your throat, MAN. And Hollywood is scarce in this area. Way too many pretty boys for me. I need a man and he don't wear a dress!!!Christian Bale was FANTASTIC. I recommend this movie. I will be purchasing it and watching it frequently. Not just for the Arizona connection but it was well acted, well made and very entertaining.
The previews are always interesting and a couple looked good to me. 2 In particular. One with Denzel Washington and the other with Joaquin Phoenix. I like both of them, which says a lot because I don't like many actors. Anyway there is one with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise. The big guns are pulled out for this one and it looks like a political statement. Gonna have to miss it. Robert Redford got his eyes done and he looks weird. Why can't movie stars age gracefully. Plastic surgery turns them into MASK you know the movie with Cher. It is on almost every Saturday. Anyway I may turn into movie a commentary just to have my say on underlying messages and in your face indoctrination.
Now stay tuned.......... I have so much to say about our United States Congress and their ill treatment of a highly decorated general. General Petreaus. It was SHAMEFUL. Good luck Hillary on your Presidential bid after basically calling him a liar. I see a commercial in our future with her ridiculous comment to him on Capital Hill........................I'll be back!!!!!


Christy Denney said...

Nikki, I havent seen 3:10 to Yuma but I love both actors in it also. I will have to check it out. I agree about the hollywood boys also, they look like girls and they are so small. Jauqin Phoenix is one of my favorites! He is such an outsider and I love it.
Okay your bike is looking very nice! I hope you are riding up and down all those Utah hills. Nothing will beat riding bikes throuogh Val Vista Lakes in the spring with all the orange blossoms. Its so intoxicating!

Nikki said...

Hey Susan.....thanks for the post!!! You and Brent will love this movie. I miss Val Vista Lakes tremendously and if it weren't for football I would be there AS WE SPEAK!!! I am so sad just thinking about the orange blossoms, but why is it I am also so sad thinking about the dairy farms smell and the rides just to check out the farm lands.......especially on Sunday afternoons with a Sonic bonus on Williams Field???

icanseeclearlynow said...

hi nikki. agreed, russell crowe is a great actor. i also loved him in the gladiator. i'll have to put 3:10 to yuma on my list of movies to see.


Nikki said...

Gladiator also had Joaquin in it..........and he was so disturbed. And I liked him and it was disturbing, but yes Russell Crowe was awesome in that movie.