Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I am not a scientist I only speak about them on my blog...............and I don't claim to know jack about environmental crap, but I do know I don't care. That probably sounds ignorant and perhaps I am an environmental-phobe, but let me just state that I am not here to argue the scientific points of global warming only the induced politicking of such a ridiculous cause. Of course Hollywood is on board and in my opinion that is the best reason for me to have a deaf ear when it comes to such concern for the earth. Let me just state for the record that I have lived in Arizona for long periods of time and at no time did I ever feel as though I would be engulfed in flames at any moment, even in the summer months. OK so I got a tan going to the mailbox to get the mail but we are still here, so let's get hot people it isn't so bad!!!!
I also can't decide if I disslike Al Gore because he is liberal and crazy or if he were to be conservative would I still dislike him is a mystery at this point. I'll be honest I do dislike people for their politics, it is immature I know. I suppose I could go to rehab to fix myself. I am not talking friends in my personal circle I have plenty of friends who are liberal and I like them very much. I am talking politicians, movie stars, singers, radio personalities anyone with a platform that a common folk would not have, which is why I love my blog. Anyway when Al Gore speaks it is like fingernails to a chalkboard for me. His lisp grates on my nerves. He was such a big fat baby after the 2000 election and so were his constituents. Bitter bitter bitter..........get over it!!!! He is a girl!!! An emotional, grudge holding, whining baby girl. I do not like the guy. So when it comes to his worthless cause of everyone going out and buying one of those ugly Prius Toyotas he can kiss my..........well you get the picture. I know we are all sick of the argument that Live-Aid and Al Gores house use more energy than entire towns but why can't we harp on that point? And why do I feel like it is absolute arrogance to think that MAN in all his greatness and wisdom really can control what is happening in the atmosphere? This bothers me as a God-fearing person why do I throw-up a little in my mouth when I hear these blowhards talk so supremely as if they control the ozone layer, the atmosphere and the weather? Where does God fit into the picture? I struggle with these larger than life intellectuals that shove down our throats their ELITIST importance on things beyond our control. I believe God is in control not Al Gore! And the way he strutted onstage at the Oscars made my skin crawl. As soon as these people have as much fervor for saving the HUMANS then perhaps I will indulge. I think this GREEN thing is so over the top. I cannot stress enough the scary trend of people actually buying into it. If Al wins the Nobel Peace Prize I may just cough up a lung..........People are aborting babies right and left but HEAVEN FORBID ANYONE SHOULD DRIVE A FREAKING SUV!!!!! Yes I have issues with this!!!!! So my topic for today is SAVE THE HUMANS!!!!!!! I don't see any liberal fighting the terrorists with the same tenacity as the discussion of poulation control. SAVE THE HUMANS...............PLEASE.


icanseeclearlynow said...

funny, funny girl :) boy did you let it rip on al. i always thought he wears too much rouge.

later gator.


ba and the boys said...

did you see your buddy al is getting sued by the weather channel? (al is a tool)
anyway-i didnt know you when you posted tis, but it is a good read.