Monday, September 24, 2007

The Senate and House of Representatives................7% approval rating

The Congress of the United States of America has an approval rating of 7%.........The President is at 38% and doesn't that seem good comparatively? While Congress is busy debating whether or not should be denounced or not, Columbia University has invited the leader of a country that would like to annihilate the US and Israel. Oh and liberals are thanking the 1st amendment for this wonderful opportunity. It would seem that Barack Obama didn't show up for the vote. I do not understand what people see in Barack Obama. I hear so often that he is articulate. How does that qualify you for President? He thinks he can waltz into Washington and persuade cooperation. Most of the time when a politician says he can change Washington he is obviously only opting for the job. Politicians working together. I don't think so. The democratic party has been hijacked by liberals and Barack being the most liberal in Congress is obviously being supported by moveon, not to mention Oprah. And when you get money from these fringe groups, you are controled by them. The same can be stated by the other side. Good luck to the candidates with lower approval ratings than the President by 30 points no less. Rumor has that the President has already spoken to the candidates of the jack-ass party and asked them to tone down their anti-war rhetoric, because if they sit where he sits it is a different view and they must be able to fight the war on terror and finish Iraq decisively. He asked them to please keep that in mind. Of course they know how to be President's called poll driven poll driven poll driven. Let's get real people. Stop this DERANGED Bush and conservative hatred and clear the fog of unreason. Your hatred is based on a lack of power not superior opinion, knowledge and higher moral ground. It is not enough to HATE war and defend a dictator. Hate WAR andcall a General a liar. HATE war and call the President Hitler. Disagree with military action in Iraq but call it an occupation not a liberation from a psycho. This is all done because Al Gore lost to George W. Is it not strange to crave power sooooo much that a freakish hate fest by the left is dominating the democratic party? Get a grip donkeys.........take your party back. Being a democrat does not mean the opposite of George and the elephants. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! Janene Garofolo needs to intellectualize her way into Iran and see how far her MOUTH gets her in that about buried up to her neck and then stoned to death. Pay Per View. I AM OUT!!!!!

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