Monday, October 8, 2007

Barack Obama is a HARD-ASS

Nice of Barack to bloviate for 7 minutes and then ask the general a question that was already asked by a previous Senator. The Senate SUCKS. In this particular interview he is much too scolding of a General that has put in some serious time serving this nation. He talks as though he is going to kick someones ASS if they don't get his bloody opinion on record!!!!! His little flag pin trick is STUPID.......He isn't going to wear a flag pin EVER AGAIN because he is going to TELL America how he is patriotic. NOT INTERESTED. Bad move dude. There isn't a President elected without crossover voters. You just lost ALL the Red Necks. I think that little gesture speaks volumes about Barack. Try some humility dude. And good luck with your no flags allowed theme. Definately NOT Presidential. I love flag pins they stick with you.............


icanseeclearlynow said...

do you really think he ever had any of the rednecks? just curious.

i don't know how people can choose this public fish bowl life. whew! years from now he'll look back and say, god why didn't anybody stop me. at least that's what i think.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Well rednecks at least southern rednecks tend to vote democratic......Obama is a liberal democrat and he can only win with ALL democrats including conservative democrats voting for him because very few republicans even liberal republicans, and yes there are some...Rudy Guiliani is one,and he will steal those votes. Bill Clinton was fairly conservative and won because there were republicans who crossed the line and voted accordingly. They are liberal republicans. Sorry this is sooooo boring. I must confess that I am a C-SPAN junkie and when my husband goes out of town I overdose on C-Span and even take notes. This is what I do with an evening all to myself. And yes I find it relaxing. As a matter of fact I watched all of this congressional questioning from the video and I even watched the Supreme court inquiries as well almost ALL of it. And I couldn't pay full attention to a full episode of CSI if my life depended on it. But your point is well taken. I do wonder about the fish bowl life as well. I do believe people in the limelight like it and choose it and are highly self-esteemed. You would have to be. Thick skinned is not enough you would have to be arrogant and confidant. And I do not mean that negatively. I think you can be arrogant and want only good for the people of America. thanks for the chime in.......I'll shut up now.