Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drawing a Blank.........

Aside from being on the busy side, I have drawn a blank when it comes to writing anything worth reading. Usually I am feeling passionate about some political dialog happening in the news, but lately the media has worn out its welcome and I admit that I have not tuned in. I guess I needed a break. The California fire has dominated the TV and all I can say is there anyone else out there that would like to hold a news conference to be seen standing next to the fire fighters for some political points? I mean COME ON PEOPLE! I can see Arnold showing up but Barbara Boxer and the rest of the other congressional idiots stay in Washington and VOTE ON SOMETHING RESEMBLING ANYTHING!! And The President really only showed up because we had to hear Tim McGraw, and half of the entire US, bitch and moan when the President didn't show up after Katrina. Lets be honest having the President show up to a disaster while it may be good politics, is BAD management. It costs millions for him to travel and it takes precious time away from more important work like saving drowning people and PUTTING OUT FIRES!!!! Anyway nice of the higher ups to show up and say a few stupid things. I mean do people really buy this crap. Bush is all of a sudden a better President because he flew over the burnt area and said yes it is devastating and then had a photo-op and said some thank yous? I don't get it. Call me crazy but there used to be a reason for a local government but it would appear that the President is required to pull off some super human tasks. He probably started the fire just so he could go and have a news conference and look Presidential in a state that HATES HIS GUTS. It amazes me that people think Bush is basically a walking vegetable but capable of pulling off such an engineered and calculated episode as 9/11. Dumb as a rock but pulled off one of the worst disasters in US history. just a side note.
That is my bloviating for the day. Just keepin it real. Don't want politicians taking photo-ops at disasters. I think it sucks.


icanseeclearlynow said...

hi nikki! first of all, i think "dumb as a rock" is one of the most funniest phrases ever!! LMAO!! i completely love it!! and i agree with you about the photo ops. i don't understand the people of this country sometimes. let the prez stay where the hell he is and do his JOB!! i don't see why, other than irritating the hell out of the victims, he needs to show up at a disaster. unless you are arriving with a bag of money for distribution mr. prez, STAY WHERE YOU ARE.

and you thought you had nothing to say, nikki. this post was worthy and necessary.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Thanks is funny how I began with nothing to go on and as I continued it turned into a venting...... Dumb as a rock is an awesome phrase and certainly politics WORTHY!!!type at ya soon......Nik