Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey Mitt here is some advice........

I like Mitt Romney. Not because he is Mormon and republican, but because I feel he represents me and my beliefs. I have to be honest it does help that he is Mormon. Harry Reid is Mormon and I can't even stand to look at the guy. I am not a campaign manager nor am I a professional publicist, I only play one on my blog. I have some advice for Mr. Romney as a middle class citizen planning on voting in the upcoming Presidential election (which has started much too early). I think Mitt is coming off a little bit elitist and sanctimonious at times. He seems somewhat unapproachable and distant. The appeal of W was his down to earth style and regular guy persona, at least at first. He seemed approachable and likable. Mitt has a likability problem right now. He is extremely wealthy and at times it shows. He needs to show a softer more compassionate side to win the hearts of the American people. His wife is a great lady but a bit too in your face outgoing. I am sure she has been instructed to be this way as to not appear as the subservient Mormon wife, rather a wife with a mind of her own. But she needs to tone it down a bit. He is weak in foreign policy and needs to sound more like a Commander in Chief when referring to Iraq. I think he can beat the pants off Hillary(notice I didn't say skirt). Especially with a Massachusetts win. I think Governor Patake (?sp) of New York would be a great running mate and with a New York win would be tough for the dems to compete. We all know this is the United States of New York and California with the 2 states carrying the most electoral votes and being extremely liberal. bummer. California is not the best state to be an example of dominant liberal dems running the show. It is pretty much bankrupt and crime stricken not to mention corrupt example exhibit A: LAPD. Arnold doesn't count as a republican. He is socially liberal and the fiscal fight is too hard to conquer for one elephant. So for Governor Romney I say a more regular approach for an America looking for hope.


icanseeclearlynow said...

hi nikki. forgive, but i don't keep up with these campaigners. i do, however, enjoy your commentary cause you put it out there with big cahoonas!

mind if i make a comment on the handsome footballers in the left column, the cousins. grrr! they look mean mean! (smile) don't tell them i said this, but they also look so adorable.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Hey maria!!I realize politics is not for everyone and I also appreciate you ready my commentaries anyway. Perhaps in the spring when the presidential election is in full swing you may want to dive in a little!!! I think we all have some political issue that we are passionate about. I just get so into the mechanics of it as well. And that can be very boring!!!
And yes the footballers are handsome and adorable. And I must say they are both extremely kind individuals. Thanks for your post it always makes my day when I have a comment from you!!!!