Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I HATE TO BE BUSY..............

Anyone who knows me knows I hate to be busy. There are people who thrive on running around "getting things done" NOT ME. I am the person who likes to avoid responsibility and running errands. I really do not care for a day full of scheduled fun or activities or a day of "must get done" or our life will implode as we know it. I prefer the life of what shall I do today and I will plan it with whatever pops into my head. When we lived in AZ we had no family around us and our life consisted of days full of us.......our family of 3. Now it is 2 times a month dinner with so and so. One time a month with whosamajig. "Can you do this or that"? You are home during the day and of course with only one kid you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!!!! My days are full and though I do not mind all the hoopla I do have to say it is hard to get used to. Of course I realize it is a blessing. However I miss the life of leisure I once knew.
Jake is in football and that is 4 days a week with practice and games. He has scouts one day a week and Rob and I are Weeblos leaders now and that is also one day a week. There are birthdays and parties and of course church stuff. In between it all there are play dates and picking up and dropping off at school, and helping out at school. I finally found a place to work out because I am turning into flubber and just received a letter stating they are out of business, nice of them to take my 50 dollar down payment. My butt and my attitude need some work. In all of this busyness I have neglected my house. When the sun shines through the front windows you can see the dust elephants (not bunnies that would be too small) in the corners and along the sides of the wall. I suppose I could grow potatoes. The vacuum has been sitting in the middle of the floor of my bedroom for over a week now with the best of intentions of using it. Haven't yet. All in all I am struggling to balance my life. I would rather neglect my house and have nothing to do!!! I prefer to look at the sink full of dishes and say "boy I wish I had time to do the dishes, but unfortunately they are gonna have to wait I have an appointment for a massage"!!! Or "I better mop the floor but I can't right now I have to SIT ON MY BUTT AND WATCH THE OFFICE"!!! Oh well. This is my lot in life. It's not a lot but its my life............go ahead envy me!!

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Christy Denney said...

Amen to that! I am pretty sick of these people that are TIME maximizers too!!! I have a few that live next to me! They make you feel bad because you watched TV all day and kind of took care of your kid. Oh well, whats wrong with being a little bit lazy? I love the thought of it now that I have a baby. I miss those lazy, long winter days at the park, sipping on our Sonic's until dark. Life is just to short to fill it up with busy stuff! -Susan

P.S. I love my dust bunnies!