Thursday, October 4, 2007

MADONNA singing "Hey You" at Live Earth: and this is why Madonna like Rosie SUCKS SO BAD!!!

This is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Madonna is attempting to pay some penance for her years of being a SEX SEX SEX promoter. She has got to right some wrongs for persuading young women that it is OK to be promiscuous and slutty. She really is the first skank to revolutionize the sex pot in pop music. Girls dressed like her, admired her and wanted to be her. She made money with mediocre talent and lots and lots of IN YOUR FACE SEX.....Now its time to get spiritual? So she picks the self-indulging exploitation adoption arena so many stars are making trendy and of course her power is going to save the Earth. She talks like a Brit and arrogantly expects her little lacey headband cronies of the past to curl up to a nice brainwashed session of Live Earth and this HORRIBLE SONG!!!!!I am sorry but she SUCKS.......JUST LIKE HER FRIEND ROSIE!


Snowmomutah said...

You know who doesn't suck?! Wentworth Miller... You should probably start another weekly article called "DOESN'T SUCK" and write about hot guys.

We miss you too! CA is fabulous! It's sunny today! Is it snowing again? Did Jake's game get cancelled? Miss you! Let's do something fun when we get home!

Nikki said...

hey is always in my schedule and you guys need to come over for some CHOW!!! or of course just hanging out shootin the bull yadda yadda yadda........and beware the photos are coming! Do I need some of our cool neighbors? THEN YES!!! Jakes game was NOT canceled and it was very cold. It only snowed for a second and then it was rain rain rain........WHO IS HOT is definately on the horizon. The problem is finding a HOT guy in Hollywood that isn't 4 ft 9 and a girlie man!!!! see you soon!!