Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TAGG I am it......

Ok so I have been tagged by my friend Christy who was tagged by her friend and so on and so on and so on. At the end of this post I will put some names of people who will be tagged and then they have to write 6 facts/habits about themselves. The other blogs I have read that have participated have been funny so let's keep it going! Thanks for the tagg Christy!!
Thinking about habits or facts about myself was hysterical. I got my husband involved and we laughed for a good hour. I am a crazy person I have decided. I am sure other people around me already knew this, but to have it stated out loud has been enlightening. Not that I am going to change by any means, because we cannot change what we can't acknowledge. I can admit to my oddities, but an oddity of mine would be that I refuse to care about my oddities( I will have to read that one later, anyway you get the picture). Ok so here it goes...........

#1-I can watch a TV show for 53 minutes and have no idea what is going on.........and it would appear that I am glued to the television. I guess I am lucky that my husband thinks this is funny, it could be pretty annoying. We watch Law and Order and all of its little offshoot shows almost every night. The re-runs are on a bunch of channels. More often than not I will get to the end of the show and turn to Rob and say "What the hell is going on?" He usually will just sum it up like a good sport and suggest a bowl of ice cream or bowl of cereal. Call it ADD or whatever, I get sidetracked easily and not just with TV shows.

#2-I am a HUGE FLIRT............OK so I like to flirt and I am quite good at it. I really do not care that I am old and pleasingly curvaceous, I like to work it even in my old age. It has gotten me many free items at restaurants and discounts from the Schwan's guy and special treatment from the Asian dude giving me a pedicure. We had some college guys come to the house selling security systems and not only did they come in the house and chat for over an hour, I ended up fixing them dinner and the one asked if I wanted to go to a movie sometime. And NO I did not buy a system. And NO I didn't go to a movie. And YES they were cute. And YES I think sexual harassment should be legal for anyone 40 or over.

#3-I listen to loud music in my car.................which everyone in my neighborhood knows. I have not grown out of that stage yet. I don't think I ever will. It would appear that I have passed along this gene to Jacob who likes to listen to loud music as well. We have our morning routine on the way to school with Jake's song of choice and of course dance moves in the car seat down to a science. At first glance it would appear that there is some strange woman corrupting her son who is 9 with Eminems "Without Me" blaring from her convertible, but at second glance you would be right. I do have country music cranked from time to time as well and I know plenty of people who think that is also corrupting my son.

#4-I have 2 extremes: SUPER RELAXED OR SUPER STUBBORN................I can be the easiest person to get along with or the biggest pain in the A** you would ever meet. I don't care about much, but the things I do care about are non-negotiable. I am right I am right I am right. NO ONE could EVER convince me my opinion was wrong. I am the same way with disciplining Jake. I am super relaxed about a lot of things but on the other hand don't break the rules because there isn't ANY bending on punishment. I am the QUEEN of follow through. So I crank my naughty rap music and won't go to bed at night without saying my prayers!!!

#5-I self-diagnose................Instead of going to the doctor I go to the Internet and look up my symptoms and self diagnose. I am not a doctor but I play one in my life. Not just for me but for those around me. I hate going to the doctor and will do ANYTHING to avoid it. My most recent disease was pneumonia. As a matter of fact it was after I choked on my water bottle for laughing so hard at the Will Ferrell Angry Boss post. I actually thought I gave myself pneumonia because I thought the water went into my lungs. My husband was laughing so hard he was crying. Then he told my friend Greg Boss who now has a water in lungs joke ready to fire off when a laugh is needed. OK so I didn't have pneumonia and I shouldn't drink and watch Will Ferrell skits at the same time. But I will continue to cure what ails me with a quick Google search.

#6-I HATE to travel................I do not like to travel. It isn't that I don't enjoy the beauty of the earth or the experiences that go along with it, I just do not think it is relaxing. I can relax better at home. Airports and flying sucks. I can stand and wait in my own house. What is the point? Is it so I can brag to my friends that my life is full. So I can say I have been to Hawaii or Mexico or where ever? You see this doesn't work for me because I also hate the beach and I hate to be in the sun. I lived in AZ for 5 years and had a pool and would sit under an umbrella NO MATTER WHAT! The beach makes too much noise. The waves crash against the beach and the noise bothers me and I hate the sand. My friend has a condo in Rocky Point Mexico and invited me too many times to recall and I didn't go with her one time. And it isn't because I have body issues. I would lay out completely nude if I wouldn't get arrested I do not care. I just don't think it is fun nor relaxing. People think I am spontaneous and crazy but I am really just a lame homebody that likes to create my own party at my own house.

OK so there you have it. Here are a few honorable mentions..............I have a very severe fear of heights, an OBSESSION with Will Ferrell (my husband thinks it is stalker obsessive). I have a really bad potty mouth and not much control of what comes out of it. And some OCD issues, not to mention blogger craziness!!!!!!!! "Go ahead envy me I'm a soul hip/hop queen but you already know me".... MJB (Mary J. Blige)..........
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Lionz said...

Lucky it's your OCD, flirting, self-diagnosing, Ferrell-dreaming behavior that I love so much!

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki, as i read through this i couldn't help but wonder about my own answers cause i knew i would be tagged at the end. we have a number of things in common (obviously). the two standouts are the doctor thing and listening to loud music in the car.

you are HILARIOUS about the water in your lungs. that is sooo funny! i can just hear your question if YOU were the doctor with a patient. "hmmm, has she laughed while drinking from any water bottles lately." BWAHAHAHAH!!

later gator.


Nikki said...

Looking forward to the scoop about Maria!!!! can't wait!!!!