Wednesday, October 31, 2007


this was too cute to pass up.....I really spend too much time on youtube


Christy Denney said...

Hey Nikki, Happy Halloween! (I could'nt get your video to play, but I love Wizard of Oz!) Remember the Halloween we went cruising around listening to Stevie Nicks? We didnt have alot to do that day I guess! Brent is at a scary movie so I am left at home to fend for myself. (as usual) Happy Trick-or -Treating!!!! Talk Later-Susan

Christy Denney said...

Don't you love that Susan comments under my account! I love this video. It cracked me up and that takes a lot. I loved reading about the tag. I agree with you on the traveling thing. We left for London Thursday night and got home Monday night. Basically we flew for 2 days. Zero fun. I tried to make the most of the time I was there but it was short. Happy Halloween!

Nikki said...

Susan.....I do remember driving around listening to Stevie Nicks AND buying cat ears at the costume store and then hitting the Emerald Bay trunk or treat......ahhhh the good old days!! luckily we had great weather. I bet Jewel was so cute in her costume you aren't sending me near enough pictures!!! call me soon! time to gossip!!
Christy.....glad you enjoyed the video and it sounds like you had a little fun in London!! I really would love to go to the UK. I will check out your page to see if you posted some pics!! thanks for the post and Happy Haloween to you guys!!!

icanseeclearlynow said...

nikki, the pics of your party looks great. in one you call yourself looking frazzled. you don't look frazzeled to me, you look happy and full of love.

this wiz of oz video is GREAT. i love the wizard of oz. good times.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Thanks Maria I tend to focus on the bags under my aging eyes and the skin that takes 10 minutes to get back into place after rubbing them......elasticity shot!!! oh well we did have a great time and met some neighbors we didn't know yet!! it's all good!!!