Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Barbra Streisand - You are the top (What's up doc?) - 1972

One of my favorite movies........and I love this song!!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki. what's going on today sweetie-face?

wasn't this a great movie? yep, loved it. i also loved her in the prince of tides. i only like babs on tv and in her music. yeah. like you i've discovered she's not really my type of gal irl (blog lingo: in real life).

anywayz... oh yeah! that picture of jake and your hubby, where jake is sitting on the bike- they look like twins in that one. a coupla lookers those two.

la la la ti da ....hmmm ...oh yeah my blog is gonna be pretty interesting today. i should stop loitering over here and get to it.

hmmmm....gosh i feel bloated today, like a whale. yah! i know. tmi.

*sigh* okey doke. i should get going. nice hanging out witchya girlie!

later gator.


icanseeclearlynow said...

hmmmm....oh yeah! i like that you have my link on your page sweetie-face. HOWEVER it is quite far down, dontchya think? sure would be lovely if you moved it up, mmmkay?


later gator.


Nikki said...

Hey chickie.........fyi I was bloated yesterday!! Looks like someone had some time on their hands this morning.......Babs is for sure a different gal irl(I know very little blog lingo) anyway about your link.......I need a tutorial about how to do that kind of stuff because your link goes to the wrong site anyway.....believe me I already have that kind of stuff to ask you when we chat via telephone. Jake has the flu, the throw-up kind, YUCK....so not much sleep had at my house by either parent. My head is pounding today and I need a DIET COKE SOOOOOOOOO BAD I CAN'T STAND IT!! So I am off to get one here pretty quick.........I told the boys they were a coupla lookers and I think I saw some extra swaggers in both their walks this morning!!! I am off to read your post...........see you in icanseemea........Nikki