Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feminism Sheminism.....

Feminism to me is equal naked time for men and women. We see plenty of half naked women in the media and it is time to start seeing more half naked men. I am not talking about the girly men Hollywood has to offer. I am talking real men with real whiskers and muscles and the kind that will kick someones butt if needs be. There is a feminizing of men and a masculinizing (not sure if that is a word) of women in our society and it is so confusing. Gender roles are no longer defined and it has confused women to the point of mass depression. A womans role is no longer fulfilling. Women should be educated and when they do the same job as a man they should be paid the same amount of money. We should be in control of our own bodies by not being promiscuous and by being strong advocates for children as mothers. Womens liberation certainly can not include the stupefying of women being told by certain organizations how to feel about abortion rights. Does restrictions on abortion really send us back to pre-suffrage? And is abortion really preserved for rape and incest victims? What is the underlying message we are sending our youth about the sanctity of life? What does it mean exactly to be a champion for women when all that is really discussed is back alley abortions killing us off in droves? Where are the women in leadership that say women are more intelligent than this. We will not be the sexual objects of men and we can say NO to sex without protection. This is far more feminised to me.
I struggle with these women's organizations that fight to the death for abortion rights and refuse to define the moral dilemma that exists in the debate. I believe our laws do reflect the morals of our society and what does allowing such a practice and the rationalizing we so conveniently offer say about us? For me it goes beyond a civil right or the right to privacy. It hits at the very core of our societal sickness. What we allow in the name of freedom will eventually be our downfall. Pornography is in the same category. Feminism doesn't make women powerful, it only makes them confused. Hillary doesn't speak for me when it comes to women's issues (nor any other issue for that matter). I find her quite the opposite of a powerful woman. She seems quite co-dependant to me. She stays with a man who openly and constantly cheats on her. A champion for women? I think not. So all you feminists out there feel free to cast your vote for her because she is a woman, but let's not forget her husband is an affront to all women. And it's a package deal. yuck.


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki! i'm shocked that your post today is not about last night's gop debates.

anywayz, i am totally for abortion rights and NOT just for rape victims and/or incest victims. if a teenager (whether she's 13 or 19) is careless about sex and becomes pregnant, i don't see how forcing her to have the baby is preserving a life. it's a prison sentence for both mother and child. most of the people on the right to life side of the debate have no idea what it is to be poor; have no idea about what the foster care system is like; have no idea about how easily a few negative variables in a hopeless person's life can drive them to commit child abuse. that's my two cents on that issue.

women definitely should be paid the same as men when both demonstrate the same educational levels, knowledge and experience for the job. it's only in recent years through an advocating bill jean king that the tennis association started paying men and women the SAME amount in prize money. we are so overdue to have this on all fronts in the work place. and don't even get me started on the salary disparity among black and white workers.

great post! you got me going this morning.

later gator.


ba and the boys said...

down with hillary! i'm voting for stewart/colbert in 2008!

Nikki said...

Hey was actually the debate that got me all bent out of shape on this subject. I know we differ on this issue and you can't let it rip anytime on my blog!!! I will still love ya!!! Though I do want to point out the possible emotional affect it has on a young girl who makes this choice, adoption is a much better option. I grew up in a single parent home and things were very difficult. My view is only for a better option. I feel it is better not just for the child but also for the emotional health of the mother. Thanks for the challenge and please know that I can have a difference in opinion on this and still think you are FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! thanks for keepin' it real!!

BA......I am going to write in WILL know it!!!! he could get everyone laughing and that would solve ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!!!

Nikki said...


icanseeclearlynow said...

you know i love you nik. there are so many angles to this issue, it's better to discuss it over the phone.

silly rabbit, i already knew that was a type-o.

later gator.