Friday, November 2, 2007


Things have been so crazy busy at my house that I can't even believe it. It seems as though we are acclimating to our new environment. We moved from AZ 5 months ago and I can't believe it has been that long since I have been to my old stomping grounds. My friend Randa came to visit last night and stayed over and now I am really AZ sick. She used the words Nando's, guacatony, Sautee' (which I guessed closed in the middle of the night) and a few others that sent me crying. Jake is very happy here and has so much fun with his cousins and the awesome kids in the neighborhood. I myself am still trying to find a gym that is not on the other side of the universe. I don't work at Frolics much, if at all. My life consists of running errands for our nights which are busy busy busy, helping at school, occasional lunches and whatever seems to come up it seems there is always something and in the middle of it all, my blog. Football is coming to an end. I am happy and sad. We have made some great friends and I will miss seeing them almost everyday. But we will hang out I AM SURE. We have a play-off game on Saturday against Bingham, the big fat cheaters of the league, and we will probably lose. I love football. It is by far my favorite sport that Jacob has played so far. It is also his new favorite sport too. Rob's obsessed with fantasy football and I guess that is better than being obsessed with another form of fantasy like naked women on a myspace page or something .oi. I guess that is a different subject. Let's just say that other peoples husbands make my husband look better and better all the time.....I will vent about that later......(myspace is my next sucks so bad topic)..........and that is not to say that Rob has flaws. He really has very few. I realized that if I were to die tomorrow he would be a CATCH. He is an awesome Dad and Father in every definition and a great husband. Just a side note and a little off the subject. All in all our life is full and with the holidays quickly approaching I can only imagine it getting worse. Can't wait to get the Christmas tunes downloaded to my playlist and am going to start shortly. Hope you all are healthy and happy and its back to politics for me.........the Presidential election is heating up............. and what is up with Barack not putting his had over his heart during the national anthem??? whatever dude.............Barack Obama Bin Laden. I AM OUT..............keepin it real


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki, first let me say i had to read this post twice because i was distracted by the good music you got playing here. i usually read your posts on with my pc on mute. i love your varied musical tastes. i'm the same way: i like ALL kinds of music.

i didn't know you used to live in az, though i'm sure you've mentioned it. i think that is such a beautiful state. i considered living there once, but that would have our daughters too far from their father.

yes, when things that take up much of our time come to an end, we wonder what it was we used to do before. :-( i'm sure you'll replace football with something else fun that will bring new and/or old comraderies.

yikes! oh boy. i guess i knew it was coming sooner or later. you're gonna post about myspace. alright missy- BRING IT!

BWAAHAHAHAH! i couldn't even keep a straight face as it typed that.

so tell me, what IS fantasy football.

la ti da, ho hum ... hmmm... what else can i write here today. *giggle* as you can see i am home alone with much time on my hands.

we have to visit each other one day nikki. i think you and i would get along royally.

later gator.


Christy Denney said...

Hey Nikki,
Okay, what closed in the middle of the night in AZ? I hope its not anything good!
Your Halloween pictures look so inviting. You really went all out, you little Martha Stewart.
Whats up with myspace and desperate mid-life crisis men??
If you have to go on myspace you are big, fat, hard up looser! There is no excuse for it! Really, it so pathetic!!!! Please!!!!!
I don't know what to say about Boroco Bin Laden whatever dude- but I am sure Oprah is disappointed in him! Poor Oprah!-Susan
P.S. Your music does rock!

Nikki said...

You crack me up!! You should send me your myspace address I actually have a fake page that I use for spying.........mostly on my friends kids which it has proven they needed spying upon. I actually lost a friend because of myspace and have sooooo many issues I don't even know where to begin. HOWEVER never fear I know there are some legit people on there for social interaction, but the ugliness is UGLY. I think it will be a good topic for everyone to weigh in on...........I like ALL kinds of music too. I am a music junky. I have over 1200 songs on my itunes and have to wait in between paychecks to purchase purchase purchase.
Fantasy Football is a group of guys getting together online to pick their fantasy teams from players throughout the league. And by the players stats your team can win by how well your particular group of players does that week. I hope that makes semse. You can trade players and beleive me it keeps them glued to football as if they need a reason for their minds to go dormant in front of the TV. This goes on until January.
I absolutely think we need chit chat via telephone or something one of these days it would be so cool!!! AND you would LOVE AZ!!! The desert is a different kind of beauty there is no doubt but once it grows on you, you're hooked.......take care chickie!!!
email me your myspace URL and I will add you to my FAKE page!!!

Nikki said...

Susan it was Sautee', Randa said they went to go there for lunch one day and it was closed. I guess the one in Chandler is still open......bummer!!! how good was the cajun shrimp and the bread pudding not to mention my boyfriend waiter...ewwwwww jk he was wierd. Anyway too many men getting off on the porn on myspace I am afraid. Unsuspecting wives allowing it and too many women exposing their hot bodies.........oh well. NOT my problem. I'll call soon. Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving......The Cheesecake factory is open and IT IS TIME TO EAT EAT EAT like the old days!!! Boy do we know how to work it!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the myspace porn? Can't find it...

Nikki said...

Anonymous.......maybe you are right. Maybe it isn't porn but just the human body in ART form. Are you so immune to filth that you call it something other than porn?? keep lying to youself and you will self-destruct. Are you so far gone?

Nikki said...

anonymous...where are you? No response? Were you just being sarcastic? Is the porn too soft core for need hard core? finish your point, don't be so evasive...........