Monday, November 19, 2007


I have decided to shift gears away from politics and controversy for a bit to give a shout out of gratitude! I have a lot to be happy about. I have a wonderful family that loves me. I have a son that it is a privilege every day to know. He teaches me far more than I could ever teach him. He loves and accepts EVERYONE, regardless of color, religion, personal appearance and age. I am grateful to watch him grow into a wonderful human being, and that I have the opportunity to witness his wonderful evolution. I have a great husband that sees me for who I am and loves me anyway. He is so selfless and for this I am grateful. I have learned so much from him. He is the guy that comes home from work and says "what can I do to help you honey?" He doesn't worry if I have been out goofing off or spending money, my happiness is his main concern and he is a teacher of selflessness. He does laundry, dishes, folds my clothes and massages my feet, and these are only a few examples. I am grateful that he prefers to be home instead of at work. That means more to me than all the money in the world and I am grateful that he GETS that. I am also grateful to be among our extended family. Jake will know where he came from and be among a big support system throughout his life. I can't say enough about the gratitude I feel for my family as little as it may be, it is mine and I love it!
I am grateful for friends. New friends, old friends, friends from all walks of life and friends who understand the meaning of adversity and how it molds you into the person you are. I am grateful for their experiences and what they teach me. I am grateful that they share their life's journey with me and understand that though my path may be different, our commonality far outweighs our differences. I am grateful for diversity and what it teaches me. I have a diverse group of friends who add spice to my life, and without them I would be in a bubble of sugar!!
I am grateful for the military who is serving overseas. I believe in your cause. I believed in it from the beginning and have not changed my mind because it has gone badly. I am not sure how smoothly a war should go. But I am grateful for the soldiers that give their lives and the families that go through so much so I can have a political rant on the Internet and a religious debate without fear. I believe they are protecting my liberties from those who would want to take them away. I am grateful for my country with all of its history good and bad. I am grateful for a system that allows for change and progression and for the opportunity to get passed the mistakes of the passed. This country no doubt has had its ugly history, but out of the turmoil the human spirit has triumphed and continues to sort out any injustices. I LOVE AMERICA! And am grateful to be an American.
I am grateful for my life experiences good and bad that have molded me into the person I am today!! My life hasn't always been a picnic and I am grateful that I have made good choices in spite of the injustices of this existence. I am grateful for all the things that make me ME. I am a Mormon and I am grateful for those who sacrificed for me to have what I deem as the truth. I am grateful for religious or spiritual people in general. I am grateful for your political tenacity and voices that speak about values and morals in a day where it would appear values are extinct. I am grateful for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Evangelical Christians, Baptists, Lutherans, Protestants etc. etc. that are true followers of your faith. You have strengthened our Nation and contributed to the good of our society. I recognize the differences in theology and embrace the beauty in each form of worship.
I am grateful for my blog. For letting me rant and sometimes rave about whatever enters my mind! Perhaps the first Thanksgiving wasn't as peachy as we would like to think, but that doesn't mean we can't be thankful today. Be safe everybody and don't choke on any turkey bones....if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the day off!! Happy Thanksgiving every body and be grateful, a heart full of gratitude is a content one............


icanseeclearlynow said...

nikki, what a BEAUTIFUL post. and your words are well put, girlie. i especially LOVE your beautiful tribute to jake. what a fantastic mommy you are and what a lucky boy he is! and of course you've endeared me further to that wonderful hubby of yours. he would sooo get along with my hubby! they sound a long alike.

thanks for sharing your heart and your words, nik.

you rock sweetie-face!!


Nikki said...

Thanks to you for being my friend!!!! Nikki

Snowmomutah said...

Nikki= Why haven't I seen you for days? Did you know Alesha and Tad are in town? They were at our house last night and then they went Moab, but they will be back for THanksgiving. Are you gona make pies? When?

Nikki said...

Amy!!! i know we haven't seen you guys in FOREVER....I don't have time or energy to do pies before tomorrow, we are going to Bear Lake (you know how I feel about that) so no time and no energy, I have a cold too!! Yuck!! We will be back thanksgiving night so we will check in........we are having stroganoff burgers tonight so come over and EAT WITH US!!! I need some Kate time!!! call me miss text and blog poster!!!!

Nikki said...

Oh and let's do pies before Christmas we will have to sit down and plan a day and the guys can go have a dude fest or let's still do pie day!!