Saturday, November 24, 2007

Potential First Ladies and Husband...........ASSET OR LIABILITY

I was watching an interview with Rudy Giuliani and his wife and of course I was judging right off the bat. First impressions are important and a potential first lady can, in my opinion, help or hinder a candidate. Laura Bush, regardless of what you think of George, has been a positive for the President from the beginning and she has class. To be honest I don't know much about the wives of the front runners, I can only judge based on how they conduct themselves in the media and if I can see them in the role of a first lady. Women are extremely judgemental especially of each other and here I go proving that point.
Judith S. Nathan. Mrs. Giuliani is a registered nurse with an extensive medical and scientific background. I think Judith is going to be a liability for Rudy. She will hurt him in the campaign for the nomination but not necessarily in the big dance. Aside from the fact that he was parading around with her while he was married is not going to fare well for her. She will undoubtedly be seen as an affront to most women because she is a "home wrecker". I admit I could not get it out of my mind while I was watching her gush and goo over Rudy in this interview. I think she has been tucked neatly behind the scenes on purpose. She in my opinion is not First Lady material. She clearly hasn't earned her role through a relationship of longevity and hardship. I think Americans, in general, like to see a strong relationship built through time and adversity. I do know there are those who do not think a persons personal life should be considered when selecting a President , but ACCORDING TO NIKKI, it does matter, because if his or her own wife or husband can't trust them, then why would they be trustworthy to the rest of us? She will be a liability to Rudy.
Former President Bill Clinton. Bill is an asset to Hillary in the campaign up to the nomination and after. Though they have tried to push Hillary as "in charge" it is obvious Bill is the freebie we all get with the election of Hillary. While I think he is a bonus for her among democrats at this point, I do think if she were to become President he would definitely be a liability for re-election. A booty patrol would have to be enacted again and a scandal would undoubtedly erupt. I doubt the booty calls have stopped and they will continue during a Hillary Presidency. It would be entertaining. I can see him in the role of first husband and I am sure he can too.
Ann Romney. As an LDS woman it would be easy for me to like Ann Romney. I already understand her and know her values and basically what makes her tick. I can see her as first lady and I think she has class. She is an asset to Mitt. However, she is a bit overbearing in interview's and looks like a person not a lot of American women can relate to. I have talked about this in previous posts. The Romney's are too perfect. Though they have struggled with Ann's MS, they appear too sanctimonious and perfect, and quite frankly out of touch. I do think Ann has been coached to assert herself in interviews as not to be perceived as a subservient Mormon wife. She has been outspoken and a bit too "in your face". She is a role model, but women need to relate to someone who is not so much a "super woman", but a woman that understands the plight of women and she needs to exude more of that. She is an asset.
Michele Obama. She is an asset. Not only can I see her as a first lady, she is undoubtedly under-used in his campaign. She is as educated and articulate as Barack and should be out there in the public view for his benefit in my opinion. I am not a fan of Barack . But truth be told, Michelle will clearly be a power-house in his favor when it comes down to the package inspection. As Barack continues to climb in the polls, He should really put her front and center.
This is my assesment of the front-runners. This could clearly change and then the subject will be re-visited, but until then I will throw my judgmental eye towards someone elses sad and mistaken political opinions...............


icanseeclearlynow said...

giuliani sucks! i don't think he has a chance with that little homewrecker he hooked up with.

i don't think obama has a chance either, but not because of his wife. this country's just not there yet. i don't care what they say in public and to each other, when they get behind that curtain, they will NOT be casting their vote for obama. as for michele obama, she will remain in the background because of the larger perception of black women. black women have a stereotyped reputation of being overbearing and aggressive. so she's probably been coached to dumb it down a little and play it quietly.

that's my 2 cents girlie!

later gator.


Nikki said...

Hey Maria........I also do wonder about Baracks's name.....that could possibly be a huge obstacle. Truth be told I have come up with some name replacements for the guy.......thanks for chiming in

Anthony Palmer said...

When people start thinking of the "total package," I believe this will work to the disadvantage of Giuliani, Thompson, and Clinton in particular. Americans like their presidents to have "traditional" images. Laura Bush just "looks" like a First Lady. Teresa Heinz Kerry most certainly did NOT.

Exactly how close are Giuliani and his wife? And how many people pay more attention to Mrs. Thompson than her husband? And who would quell the stories about the roll the former president Clinton would play in a Hillary Clinton White House? And which vice president would WANT to play third banana in that administration?

I think the most interesting candidates (based on who would make a good First Lady) would probably be Barack Obama on the Democrats' side and Mike Huckabee on the Democrats' side. You know Huckabee and his wife are close. And Obama's wife is such a compelling speaker. She seems like she would totally expand the role of a First Lady.

But I definitely agree with you on Giuliani though. There is somewhat of an "ick" factor involved there...

Nikki said...

Hey Anthony.....Huckabee is definately on the move. I have never seen his wife and actually know very little about him. I did want to throw Fred Thompson in there because I said from the very beginning his wife was a liability for him, strictly based on her "trophy" looks......thanks for the post!