Thursday, November 8, 2007


I know there are a lot of people who hate the early commercialism of Christmas, but I LOVE Christmas and its commercialized meaning because I am republican and I like to help the economy. I like Thanksgiving too, but let's be honest the build up to the big pig-out isn't as exciting as the hoopla before Christmas. I Love everything about Christmas EXCEPT Christmas day. I love the build-up, the music, the parties, the shopping, the fighting with family, the clothes, the mittens, the sweaters, the red , the green, the stress, the traditions, the food, the weight gain, the crappy gifts, the decorations, the smells, the lights, the trees, and this year the snow, the meaning, the spirit, the specials on TV, the birth of our Savior and all that it means to us as Christians and non-Christians!! You don't have to believe, have fun anyway don't be offended get into it and celebrate!! It is a GREAT Holiday and I LOVE ALL OF IT................and when it ends I am sad. So I am getting it going before Thanksgiving not because I am ungrateful and don't like turkey, because I am and I do! But because it will be over too soon. And that is why I hate Christmas day. Everything before the actual day is by far the best part of Christmas! I will save the fall colors until after Thanksgiving so I don't completely give turkey day the is nothing against the Pilgrims but you were freaky people who thought people were witches and though I am grateful to you for crossing the ocean and having dinner with the "Native Americans" (I hate being PC) but Christmas was a slightly bigger event and I refuse to be a sanctimonious blowhard that thinks "Christmas is too commercialized" so maybe it is but that doesn't mean you have to walk around like a sorry Christmas complainer and pout........put Christmas in proper perspective in your own heart, scale down the gifts and I will worry about me...........and let's help these retailers make a lot of money this year!!!!!!!!!!


quietstorm said...

hey nik, you took me back with this post. in my whole dysfunctional, screwed up family there IS one person that i will forever LOVE and i thank her for her "normal" love. and this is my paternal grandmother. she passed away two years ago. and GUESS what her most FAVORITE holiday was? yep, CHRISTMAS. she especially loved to play christmas music at christmas time. i look just like her son and i have all her traits (good and bad), especially her LOVE for children. she was feisty as hell and had a serious potty mouth. she would put up the same decorations every christmas that for more than 30 years and play her same music. and she would dance like she was hearing that music for the first time every year. she's originally from cuba and she chose my name.

i LOVE the christmas season too. it's the best! thanks for this wonderful post.

btw, my favorite christmas movie (probably my favorite movie of all times) is a charlie brown christmas. when you watch that with jake, and the dance scene comes on at the end, think of me. cause i will be giggling, clapping, and bobbing my head. it's the BEST cartoon scene EVER!

later gator.


icanseeclearlynow said...

oh geez! my husband created a blog account so that he can comment on my blog. and he's gone to bed, left his account open on my blog and i commented under his name. sorry!

btw, how's jake feeling. i hope he's doing better.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Well sounds like your grandmother and my grandmother should get together and go bowling.......if they were alive. People always ask if I am really the biological child of my parents because we are NOTHING alike, looks and personality. I am definately like my Grandma, potty mouth and all!!! I love teh Charlie Brown Christmas too........I will post it!!
And at the end of the show, I will think of your head straight up in the air with your mouth wide open. btw I talk just like the adults in the peanuts movies........wha wha wha wha wha wha wha!! See ya chickie!!!Jake is doing much better....thanks for asking. my head is still aching!!