Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Bush Legacy

The next year will be interesting to watch, at least for the political junkies. Bush has to start worrying about his "legacy" as President and I am sure his advisers have planned accordingly. I may be the last living Bush supporter which is fine with me. Maybe he will stumble across my blog one day and call me up and invite me to lunch. Until then I will continue to support an unpopular President and keep my eye on the Gallup to see if any other suckers join me in my worthless plight. In December the Gallup Poll does a "Most admired man and Woman" poll and this year the top admired man in America was..........Dubya! YES the Prez is the most admired man in America. Bill Clinton was 2nd, Al Gore the climate wizard was 3rd and Barack Obama was 4th. On the female side the most admired woman was........Hillary Clinton. oi. Oprah Winfrey was 2nd, Condaleeza Rice was 3rd and Laura Bush was tied with the little home wrecker Angelina Jolie.
While the Presidents approval is in the toilet, it was pointed out on the Gallup website that most Presidents in their second term suffer from low approval ratings towards the end of their Presidencies. One of the reasons is the boredom factor. Americans like newness and thrive on change. They also like a fresh start and the old President even in the best of times will suffer in the polls. It is clear that this President according to many has worn out his welcome and most Americans are ready for a fresh face in the White House.
I believe the Presidents approval rating will rise this year to at least a 40 something rating. I also believe that down the road the retrospective approval will be much better just like it has been for Bush 41. I also believe history will be good to "W" in that he will be proven right on Iraq. Americans will eventually see that a friendly Iraq is a good thing for the U.S. in a very unstable and hostile region.
Look no further than wikipedia to judge the Bush accomplishments. Democrats hate him because of the war and Republicans hate him because of spending. However you judge this President, no one can say the challenges he has faced have been the easiest in history. Quite the contrary, they have been possibly the most difficult in history. Mistakes and mispronunciations plenty in this Presidency. However he goes down in history at least we all learned how to pronounce nuclear...........or should I say nukeyalar!


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki.

It's nice to see you're standing by your president. I have a feeling, though, that history will not be kind to him (justly so, imo). He is the worst president ever, and I think that once the whole story is told, there will be no denying it.

Iraq will never be a peaceful democracy. It was never supposed to be.

It will take years to un-do the damage that the Bush regime has done to our nation. From the assault on our liberties, to the undermining of the separate but equal branches of government, to the plundering of our economy and the betrayal of our interests to his corporate masters, Bush has ruined everything he's touched.

I'm not surprised he's the most admired man in America, though. He's a colossal screw-up who's never worked a day in his life, and yet he's the president. Gotta admire that.

ba and the boys said...

so are you still voting for huckabee? just kidding! i have to admit i like pres bush as well. i am seriously in love with laura bush. i wish she was my mom, then i would have had to have so much counciling (also a joke!). i think in the end, people will remember the good he did after sept 11 and his lack of good pronouncation skills. all presidents spend/tax/make unpopular decisions/lie to the american people. it all depends on what side of the isle you sit on. incase you didnt hear, the daily show is back next week with their 'indecision '08'. as funny as it is, it is very informative.
go rock the vote baby!

Nikki said...

Hey Mike thanks for the comment and for reading my post...I am sure it was difficult for you, haha!! But you and I will never agree on this but I am glad you have strong opinions and are not afraid to say them, that my friend is admirable!!

ba....Laura Bush would be a great MOM she is a classy woman there is no doubt about that!!!

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki, i gotta tell you i hate coming on to the blog of a friend i happen to love only to have a disagreement with her, but here goes. bush is a retard! and history will NOT be kind to him. the only reason he's not being editorialized for all of his errors is out of respect because he's still our president. AND also out of respect for the soldiers who have died and the ones who are still stationed abroad.

*sigh* but i still love you, girlie.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Hey Maria.......a true friend still reads a gut wrenching post of a friend and leaves a comment no matter how painful it is!!!!! I am glad to hear that the media is being so kind to our President and not telling us about all of his mental retardation! call it a Christmas present, hide the sh** from the people! OK so I am being a smart ass. You know I love ya and you get a star today for reading and commenting.....