Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Capital Punishment........Bye-Bye

Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey signed a bill that ends capital punishment in New Jersey. However you may feel about capital punishment, should this be ended by way of legislation or by way of a vote? Of course I am in favor of capital punishment. I say castrate pedophiles and rapists, kill murderers and I call this justice. The arguments against capital punishment are hypocritical if they are coming from bleeding heart liberals who condone abortion. These are the same people who are anti-war but would celebrate abortion. Please explain to me what kind of killing is OK. I am not sure how that argument works. To me the reality is the same as the old saying "there are no atheists in fox holes". Just as there are no mothers of dead children seeking amnesty for murderers. Perhaps this logic doesn't work, but at least I prefer killing sick and twisted murderers rather than a fetus.
I don't grasp the old notion of an eye for an eye as much as plain good old fashioned justice. I think death is a JUST punishment in SOME murder cases. I did not say ALL. But some there is a definite bullet to the forehead needed. Some people are not meant to be walking the streets of America. They are twisted and a societal ill. My argument is not to say shame on New Jersey or to persuade the anti-capital punishment opinion to switch sides. My point is to condemn the Governor for changing the law based on pressure from interest groups. That BUGS. I don't care if it is a deterrent, it probably isn't, most killers would probably take their own lives if need be. I don't care about the cost. I don't care that it is deemed "cruel and unusual", this higher ground crap is part of the hazy line that is drawn between right and wrong. Is it right for the state to sanction the killing of a human being to satisfy the laws of justice? I say ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!! Is it OK for someone to defend himself or herself against a home invader with a gun? Of course it is. To me that is capital punishment. We are defending ourselves against our enemies, those that would cause us harm or death. We have a war on our streets in America and it is the sick and twisted criminal that will kill for drugs, money or a deranged sexual encounter. Self-defense is what I call it. Kill the bastards that prey on our society. Of course I am not saying take up some sort of vigilante post. But when a crime is committed then let's protect ourselves. Shoving them in a jail cell for the rest of their lives is not protecting ourselves. It is sending a predator to a faulty prison system to live cushy the rest of their life. I don't see the punishment nor the justice. So nice going Governor Corzine, your high road to many is a joke and many murder victims and their families expecting justice will in deed get none. Sleep well.


Anthony said...

The reason why I don't agree with your comparison of the death penalty to abortion is that these same conservatives who are "pro life" are also "pro war," at least when it comes to Iraq and Iran. And it also seems like these "pro life" conservatives value embryos and fetuses more than actual children because of how much they seem to hate taking care of people after they are born. They want to take money out of failing public schools and reduce government benefits for needy families. Conservatives were the ones who were blocking expansion of the popular SCHIP program. It seems that the GOP/conservative philosophy is to tell you when you can be born and when you can die (no assisted suicide allowed!), but will leave you to the wolves for all the time in between.

The reason why I do not support the death penalty is that I don't believe the state or any government should have the right to determine who lives and who dies. In the case of abortion, it's a private decision that a woman may or may not make. The state or government is not involved at all. And on top of that, banning abortion would only push it underground. If a married couple who considered their family complete were to have protected sex and the condom broke, should they be forced to have a new baby? If you think they should, doesn't that contradict the "small government" that conservatives commonly talk about? Think of Brittney Spears' younger sister who preached abstinence-only, but just got pregnant. I'm not saying abstinence is bad; I'm saying that you should give people the information they need to make the right choices and take care of themselves. And for some women, perhaps abortion is the best choice. If they believe in God, they will have to answer before Him when they depart this Earth.

So I'm against the death penalty and also pro-choice. Keep in mind that pro-choice is NOT the same as pro-abortion. I'm married, but I have no children. However, the right to choose is very important to me. And as for the death penalty, if it were so effective, why are so many people still on death row? The death penalty has been around for decades, but people are still murdering others. It's not a deterrent. And it's not foolproof. I'm waiting for news to come out of a case where an innocent person was killed. (You'll probably say a fetus/unborn baby is also an innocent person too, but the difference is that a fetus is not condemned by the government to die. That fetus may or may not be condemned by its mother.) So I think there's a difference.

Oh, and nobody lives "cushy" in prison.

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki! i'm not passionate on the subject of capital punishment. they can have it or not i don't really care. i DO agree with you, however on killing all the degenerates on the planet. that i wish we could line a bunch and shoot em with m16s.

officially i'm against capital punishment until this country learns how to put aside their biases, which will be NEVER. we are all simply flawed human beings. the task of sending a person to their death should come from individuals who are devoid of bias. in our judicial system, you will not find three people put together who are without biases OR who can suspend their biases and deliver fair and impartial justice. GREAT post. LOVE your fire, girlie!

later gator.


icanseeclearlynow said...

oh and about the abortion issue. sorry girlie, you know where i stand on that issue. i am totally FOR it. no sense debating on that one. and you know how i feel about debates.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Thanks for the comments......I do know where you stand on abortion and you are right no need to debate. I am not necessarily passionate about capital punishment either, I think your point about bias is a good one. I think there are enough states that do not have the death penalty for anti-dp's to live in if they choose to.

Orrin Hatch is a huge supporter of the S-CHIP bill and disagreed publically with the President on his vetoing it. Also the media portrays the Predident as vetoing the bill because he wants poor sick children to die. It is true there is conservative sentiment that this is a step towards socialized medicine and oppose it. However the bill is a reauthorization of an exsisting bill funded and supported in the past by the administration. The vetoed bill was sent back by the administration because of specific requirements for illegals and TOO LITTLE money, not to mention some other failings. The adnministration has assured states that they will be funded and to not panic go to and do a SCHIP search and there is a Q and A about it with reporters. The President wanted more money, the dems version would have given them all the glory with LESS money as in the past. People need to get informed and be honest. So here come the dems claiming Bush hates poor children and reps who say Bush spends too much money. Again he can't win.
Just like you use the term pro-choice to define a stand on abortion, I don't think it is fair to assign the term pro-war to conservatives who believe there is a time and place for war. It makes us sound like we are only happy if the US is flexing its military muscle and invading some poor country somewhere.
One thing that your argument offers is a generalized mass conservative pohilosophy. Each individual person has their own philosphy and may not attach themselves to a particular liberal or conservative philosophy. For example Bush is attacked for being a conservative and advocates big government programs. Everyone can find something to hate about him But to me it is kool-aid drinking. He has signed plenty of legislation to help those who are in need of government assistence but gets no credit. I am not a small government republican. I stand behind the President in what he has accomplished. I am against abortion because it is wrong. Nobody talks about the emotional health of women after an abortion has taken place. Adoption is a much better choice.
You are right as I stated the death penalty is not a deterrent, that is not my argument.
And prison is much more cushy than being 6 feet under.
I don't claim ethical nor moral superiority on either argument, there is clearly moral dilemmas to both sides of abortion and capital punishment. What I do claim is standing on the side of innocence versus guilt. A fetus is innocent and murderer is not.
thanks as usual for a great debate. you are always great at not attacking the person but the idea!!!