Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Lights!!!! Hooray!!!

Tonight we decided to go out to eat, go see the Christmas lights and do some shopping. We had the best time!! Jake is a homebody like his mother so it took some convincing, but we had such a great time. Christmas to me is about memories. I remember as a kid going to see the lights. There is always some crazy people who deck out their houses and we are the on-lookers of course!!! I posted some new photos and I feel bad because Rob took so many of Jake and I, and the ones I took of him were all blurry. I will just have to take some more!!! I HATE to have my photo taken and posting them for the world to see is NOT SOMETHING I ENJOY!!!! But here we are December of 2007 doin' the Christmas thing and I hope you all are enjoying this Holiday season. Stop worrying about shopping and enjoy each other!!! That is what it is about. Make the most of the magic in the air and don't stress about the material aspect of Christmas. Give of yourselves, your time and your talents, and you will feel the spirit of Christmas like never before!!! People get so depressed this time of year and it is because they feel pressure to purchase purchase purchase...........scale it down already!!! Merry Christmas everyone...........we are in single digits til' the big day and then it is winter with no hoo.


ba and the boys said...

so this is where you loosers were when we stopped by last night! i love looking at the lights too, but your street is lame! you guys are the only ones who celebrate christmas (at least, that is the way it looked...all dark except for the richards!)

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I remember going to see the lights as a kid as well- I do miss the times when Christmas was a lot more relaxing. You are right, however-- we need to get back to that Christmas as a child feeling and not worry so much!! Cute pictures!...Ashlee

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki! that's so great that you guys went out to eat and look at lights! i'm glad you convinced jake to go. i used to take the girls to look at lights when they were younger.

i can't believe you hate taking pictures when you look so good in them. your cheeks are glowy and rosey. jake and rob look very handsome! good looking bunch you guys are!

later gator.


Nikki said...

Thanks Maria!!! I think the rosiness in my cheeks is from the FREEZING COLD!!! Of course my other cheeks are cold too!!! hahahaha