Sunday, December 16, 2007

Electric SEX

I changed the title of this clip because it would get more viewers.........a little trickery on my part. This is one of my favorite christmas movies!! I am so old that I remember seeing this in the movie theatre!!! enjoy


icanseeclearlynow said...

LOL! this is cute.

nik, i almost called you when i saw your comment on my post. but i figured it was kind of late.


ba and the boys said...

you are kidding me!? i actually found a christmas ornament that is this box and it opens up and quotes the movie! i got it for chris...shhhh!

Nikki said...

Maria......we need to chat soon before Christmas for sure!!!! I was up for quite a while last night so next time for sure call chickie!!! lips are sealed!!! I love funny gifts!!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Man, I was so excited about "Electric Sex"!! But still a cute clip... what a classic movie!... Ashlee

Nikki said...

Ashlee......I even think the clip left out the "electric sex" quote. Oh well. Thanks for coming to visit me in my blog!! You guys need to come out again when it isn't so late and I will fix you dinner. Hope you are having a great Christmas season!!

Anonymous said...


Holy Norman Rockwell Christmas Card!!!! I Love all your Christmas pictures. Your decorating looks festive and so inviting. Can I come over for some hot coccoa and a cozy warm blanket? -Susan
PS. I think I am going to make Brent take me to see Christmas lights. This has motivated me!