Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HULK VS. Jake Richards

my mom and I are have a argument on why superman is stronger than hulk,but I think hulk is stronger. HULK IS STRONGER THAN SUPERMAN! ILL GIVE YOU REASONS WHY!!!

#1 HULK is 32 ft. tall and he can just pick him up and rip superman in half!
#2 HULK is so destuctible,PEOPLE CALL IN THE S.W.A.T. TEAM (and he wins every time)
#3 in one punch HULK can kill some one(wicked)
#4 If the army came to destroy HULK who would win,HULK WOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!
#5 if a mistle is coming at HULK, nothing would happen and he could catch the mistle and throw it back
#6 HULK couldbreak the empire state building in half is he wanted (he rocks)
#7 if the army sent a robot ten times bigger than HULK, who would win?!?HULK WOULD WIN
#9 and superman doesn`t pick up the world to stop it from spinning he flies super fast around the planet
#10 HULK will not be defeated, he can not lose, and he WILL NOT FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote on who you think is stronger or would win a fight.....Superman or Hulk.


Nikki said...

Hulk has a temper problem and that is going to get him in trouble because if you can't control your temper then you will hurt someone who is not bad.......Superman is ALL GOOD!! And he is stronger faster and can fly anyone who can fly can fly away from a raging green freak!! he is strong enough to stop a bomb and could snap Hulk like a twig!! Good always triumphs over evil even partially evil!!! Hulk is human part of the time and Superman is always SUPER HUMAN!~!!!!! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jacob, I am sorry but I have to agree with your mom. Bottom line is Superman can fly. End of discussion. Superman can fly circles around Hulk. Hulk is way to bulky. I think Hulk has a temper problem also. He gets so mad he turns green. Superman keeps his cool even during a world crisis. Sorry Jake, I vote Superman. He is also alot cuter than Hulk especially in his glasses. -Susan (in AZ)

ba and the boys said...

seriously-this should not be a debate. jacob-you need to get back to school! of course superman is better in EVERY WAY! first, all his gifts are God-given (i'm not sure what church he belongs to, but clark would agree.). and he has a pure heart abuot just wanting to help others. come on-when he changes from clark into superman, he doesn't scare little children, superman has all the good super powers. in fact, i don't know why he joined the superfriends in the late 70s/early 80s...he can take care of everything all by himself! don't start me on 'oh, aquaman can swim underwater' thing. if he can fly thru the smog of l.a.,he can hold his breath and take care of things under the water. tell me what superfriend would even be helpful? the only time he would need help is if lex luther got his hands onsome kryptonite. thenany joesmoe could just move it away from superman and all would be well. i used to manage a warner brothers store, so i can give way too many facts on superman that show that her is superior to any human/alien that comes along.
don't they teach you anything in school?

ba and the boys said...

i keep checking back to see if anyone else is going to tell jake how wrong he is. come on people...we have to set the kid in his place!

dad said...

but I'd pay $49.99 to watch it on pay-per-view.

If Hulk had kryptonite, then he'd have a chance