Friday, December 7, 2007

Mormons, Evangelicals and Politics

I have pondered this subject for quite sometime. I saw a post on Youtube with Mitt Romney and he was being interviewed on a radio station and the interviewer kept grilling Mitt about his Religion and Mitt had to constantly say "Do you want to hear about my policies?" And the guy would badger and badger him. Of course this man knew more about Mormons than Mitt did, who is a Mormon, and he was so frustrated he got up and walked out. Now the post was how Mitt had a meltdown at a radio station. I ask you, how is this right? We live in a country of religious freedom and Mitt has gotten flat out ignorant and belligerent bashing from both sides of the aisle. I have never seen anything like it. I have been a Mormon all of my life and served a mission for my Church in 1989. I chose to go, I paid my way , I worked my butt off and the biggest problem of the Republican party is the very opposition I faced as a missionary, right-winged evangelical Christians. They control the Republican party and many evangelical Republicans have been elected because of Mormons, especially in the state of Arizona. And yet I hear nothing but Mormon bashing from this "Christian" group that shows nothing but bigotry to other Religions. Disagree with our Doctrine, dislike Joseph Smith, freak out about Polygamy, go bananas about the Book of Mormon, distort our history and while you are so filled with fear of our growing religion don't try to find common ground when it comes time to elect your candidate who called our church a "Cult". I will NOT vote for an evangelical christian as of today. I will vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton before I will vote for such liars and defamers. You take it upon yourselves to define a "christian" and distort our doctrines and make fun of our history. I am taught in my Church to find the common ground with people. To respect the goodness of all religions. To be friendly and neighborly to everyone. To contribute to the common good of society. We are taught to be self-sufficient and to take care of ourselves and those around us. We don't blame the government for our problems. This government that had an extermination order against Mormons, yes KILL all the Mormons in 1838, we are taught to obey the laws of the land. We are taught to serve others. We send our 19 year old men and 21 year old women out to serve and teach people about Christ and his message as we believe. We are taught to have a year supply of food in case of disaster so that we can be prepared and to help those around us. Our Humanitarian system is the best in the world. Our members contribute tithing dollars and this money is used for the growth of the church and for the best humanitarian system in the world. We are a people of deep belief and love of country and mankind. We believe that ALL people are children of God. This is not a Religion to fear this is a religion to emulate. We are taught to abstain from sex until we are married, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke. We don't drink coffee or tea, we believe in being healthy. We are a peculiar people in a world of declining morals. We are not perfect, but we believe that we can make the world a better place by doing good not just professing good. If anyone has any questions about Mormons ask me. I won't be offended. Trust me I have heard it all!!! Mitt Romney has taken a bashing and I am tired for him. I am sure he expected it running for President. But enough is enough. Evangelicals should be ashamed of themselves. For me I am done with accepting and appreciating our common ground. It is too hard to thrive on our commonality when your slanderous bashing rings so loudly in my ears. I can put up with local pastors teaching anti-Mormon classes. But I refuse to support a potential President with the same attitude. Mike Huckabee will not get the Mormon vote and it may just mean a democrat in the white house. Bummer Falwell boys. I AM OUT!!! And I feel so much better.


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki, i LOVE this post. yessir! i love a girl that says what needs to be said AND you're putting action behind your words by taking your stance.

like i told you, i read a novel about a mormon family a year ago and was endeared to them as a result. then i "met" you and i love mormons more! i think you are fabulous girlie!


Nikki said...

thanks Maria for cheering me on!!! It is great to be back in the type at ya world to vent my frustrations.......since my computer has been hijacked by a 9 year old!! I won the battle today, he is cleaning and I am computing.....hahaha

ba and the boys said...

so what exactly is your feeling about mormons and mitt? i am kind of confused...
just kidding! i have to agree! i have enough going on in my life (family/SCOUTS/church/pta...)than to take time out to bash someone about their religion...especially when it doesn't affect me where/who/when they worship. do some people need a life? they can have the 'cleaning the house' part of my life and i can get back to the 'fun' part.
i respect other faiths holidays (dont start me on kwanzza...IT IS NOT REAL PEOPLE!)and dont talk bad about other peoples religious choices, even though i dont understand/agree.
all i can say is a quote from 'raising arizona'... 'the world sure is a crazy place. someone should sell tickets.'

ps-this is so off topic but i saw on the today show that at crate and barrell have spatulars with snowflakes on them and thought of you! see, i told you it was way off topic!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki, I was waiting for you to address this subject. Poor Mitt- he is getting a beating out there. It is ridiculous! What about these other candidate's religions? Its not fair and equal at all. Hopefully Mitt can put this behind him and get focused on america's real issues. -Susan

P.S. What do you think about the
antiGod movie the Golden compass? Brent kind of wanted to see it.

Anonymous said...

you know, I'm a liberal Christian (who thinks that most Evangelicals are insane) and I STILL would never vote for a Mormon candidate because I have so many problems with the religion.

But as long as you're having fun filling the world with star babies and wearing your special underwear, more power to you.

I may not get my own planet someday, but I'm ok with being in that second level of "Mormon Heaven." Running a planet seems like too much work anyway.

Nikki said...

anonymous....I posted your comment regardless of your ignorance. I am sure that you would never vote for a republican anyway if you are liberal.....what would you say if I said I would NEVER vote for a black person or a Jew. Would you consider that bigoted? You may have problems with my religion and think that most evangelicals are whacked but how is it right that you mock someone elses belief? what exactly is a star baby? and is this tolerance, you are a liberal.....why so disrespectful about a religion? If I were gay would you be as belligerant? Do make fun of the magic hats that Jews wear or are they off limits. Keep celebrating diversity your post is a wonderful example of liberal tolerance.

Anonymous said...

nikki - kudos for publishing the 'anonymous' comment. Hmmm! the middle section of Mormon heaven?? is that where ex-Mormons go?? I've got $100 bucks this guy is a returned lds missionary! I can only hope his 2 yrs stumpin' for Gore's melting planet is as rewarding to him as the two years of church service his poor parents had to pay for. later. big r.