Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why I believe in Santa....by Jacob Richards

Hi,I`m Jacob I am nine years old, I am Nikki`s son and I`m here to tell you that SANTA IS REAL!!!! I`m giving you reasons why he`s real.

#1 All of the malls are closed at night
#2 my mom wouldn`t get up to do all of that hee hee
#3 my dad wouldn`t do that either
#4 only gas stations and late night restraunts are open at night
#5 I know that i didn`t do it
#6 my parents don`t have any presents and they can`t aford it
#7 well, my parents wouldn`t want to buy all that stuff
#8 I WANT A NINTENDO WII and my mom won`t let me have 1 from Santa (HOW MEAN)
#10 my dad once heard a bump on the roof ( at midnight)suspisous
#12 I KNOW ONE OF HIS ELVES his name is Jerry
and comment us on why you think he`s real , see ya


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki! i've been on your page listening to your christmas songs at work for the last 1/2 hour. then i look up and do a double take cuz i see some kind of list. this is absolutely ADORABLE!! i LOVE jake's list.

hey jake! how cool that you know one of his elvs. you think you can hook a girl up with an intro? and how about that phone number since you called santa once?

all your reasons are completely perfect. i happen to know for a fact that neither of your parents would ever try to climb on top of your roof!

later gator.



Nikki said...

this is jake righting back. i can`t believe you wrote to me so fast. you replied like five minutes after i posted.UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

p.s. plz write back

p.s.s tell me why you believe in Santa

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey jake! what's up friend?! you write back waaayyy faster than your mom. *giggle*

i believe in santa because all of a sudden at christmas time everybody starts acting super nice to each other. it's magic!! only santa could make that happen!



Nikki said...

thats a good point, i just believe in Santa because well,well,uhhh,i just do.$$$$$ i have one hundred dollars, i just don`t know why i told you i just feel like it

Nikki said...

oh that was me jake telling you...

Daddy-o said...

great post! You know I'm not going on the top part of the roof! that's why we only have lights on the bottom. Santa has that website that tells if you're bad or good - and it is ALWAYS right! he must know something? I like Santa because he loves kids all over the world and takes them stuff. and if there wasn't a Santa...then who would be in charge of the north pole workshop and know everyone's address to deliver the toys? Be a good boy for 3 MORE WEEKS!!!!
Love dad

MOM said...

Hey there buddy thanks for writing a blog for me today it is soooooooo cool!! I am for sure going to have you do another one you did a great job. Here is why I believe in Santa.........
1. He's Jolly- Santa is always happy!! He is happy because he gets to eat treats all the time and he gets to make children happy and it gives him a warm heart to help and love children!
2. He's giving- He gives not only toys but of himself which is much more important! He shares this happy time of year with the whole world to remind us that there once was a birth of a tiny baby. This baby gave the greatest gift of all!!
3. He's loving- He loves everyone regardless of race, religion or economic status. He loves all children and wants them to choose the right! Children behave better this time of year and how magical is that!!!
4. He's hope- Santa teaches us about faith and believing!! Some things we see with our eyes and some things we see with our heart!! He teaches us to hope for things not seen and to look forward with gladness every year!!
Yes Jake I believe in Santa he represents all that is good in the world and I am glad that you believe in him too!!!
Love MOM

ba and the boys said...

i KNOW that santa is real because when i was younger and my little brother spent an entire year irriating me, he got COLE in his stocking. no lie! a big old hunk of cole!
beth anne