Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have never heard so much whining about political attack ads in my whole life. I have watched as many as I could find on the Internet and I just don't see it. Why can't a candidate contrast himself with a candidate without the other guy getting all BUTT HURT. Mitt Romney in my opinion is really getting demonized in the media as a major money machine that will stop at nothing to mow over his opponent. If his opponents had his money I am sure they would do the same. Why is it that Mitt is an attacker and all of the Mormon mudslinging is OK? Maybe it is my personal paradigm that I see things this way, but the margin between Huck and Mitt is not the major story here. Obama is the story. Speaking of Obama. I went to his website since I committed to voting for him if Huck gets the nomination. I may have to retract that statement. I have never seen such a fluffy website. I literally got a cavity while I was reading it. For someone who has 2 years in the Senate and has missed 166 voting opportunities and has voted 95% with his party, I have to shake my head. I think it is wrong for him to be banging the "I was right on Iraq drum", just as it was wrong for the President to fly the "Mission Accomplished banner". No One can predict the future and these tag lines always stick and eventually bite you in the butt. Obama has a very aggressive agenda and to act like he isn't backed by interest groups is disingenuous. Ok so all politicians do it, but isn't he the different one that is going to change the age old system of interest groups? I hate fluffy promises. His pull out of Iraq rhetoric is not smart. Even Lou Dobbs on CNN after Obama's victory speech said that is a dangerous position to have given there are so many positive things being reported out of Iraq. Lou's side kick said that sitting in the Oval office is much different when you get there than when you are campaigning and to not promise an unforseen perspective.
For me I am not looking for someone to inspire me. I am not looking for a good speaker. I am looking for a candidate that will not say what I want to hear, but speaks REALITY. Right now I think John McCain is that man. I still like Mitt, but he needs some better press than he is getting because he and Hill are the least likable candidates according to some polls.
So I can't support Obama. Martin Luther King-like he may be, but he represents NOTHING I believe in and he makes some pretty speeches with some big promises. I would rather hear murderous pronunciations of the english language from W than bullshit any day. Mike Yuckabee may be the guy you'd invite to drink a beer with but we aren't electing a movie star people. So put out of your minds that this smooth talking preacher is the man. Look at his record in Arkansas. Do some research. He is a social conservative, a domestic liberal, and an economic idiot. And of course his foreign policy goes as far as Iowa. There is my 2 it or hate it.


icanseeclearlynow said...

what? no takers on this declaration? no fight? no challenge? wowee! i'll keep mums on what i think about the lack of comments here. nik, you already know what i think.

hhmmmmm.... very interesting post. to be honest, i'm not informed enough about obama say yay or nay. but what i do want to say is, YOU ROCK, nik!! people have looked at your picture and *GASPED!* reading this post with their mouth open. like i've said before, i LOVE a girl that speaks up and says the things that are hard for everyone else to say! GO YOU!


Nikki said...

I am just excited to see you back in action Maria!!! I've missed you!!! Great to chat with you the other day and I am going to venture to your neck of the woods here pretty quick! thanks for the nice compliment.....compliments really mean a lot when they come from good friends especially ones you respect!!! Nikki