Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bonehead #2

Ok so I lied there is a Bonehead number 2 and his name is John Edwards. He talks about 2 America's, a rich one and a poor one......huh? But has a plan to build one America. How is this NOT divisive? Rip on capitalism all you want but without it we would be another socialist society where only the elite were wealthy and that means the government. He and Hillary want to raise taxes to provide the world with health care and whatever other social program pops into their head. RAISING TAXES IS BAD FOLKS!!! Nice going John Edwards you tapped into the psyche of the poor farmer that will no doubt want to steal from the rich...........only the rich to him is anyone making over 80 thousand a year. I find this repulsive to exploit the American people in this manner. A regular populist. Tax us all to death and call himself a hero. He plans on establishing Universal health care, eliminating poverty (does anyone really buy that?), restoring hope to rural families and communities, making college more affordable, saving our schools, restoring our energy independence and strengthening us in the world as a moral authority once again. WOW what beautiful thoughts and a hearty agenda. And the sun will rise everyday no matter what, soon money will appear in our mailboxes and we will all sing puff the magic dragon together because we are high on CRACK........He is a lying blowhard. This may tug at the heartstrings of most but to me it says I will say what I need to say to get your vote. yep he's a bonehead.

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ba and the boys said...

i KNEW i could count on you to rant about iowa! i dislike edwards but happy that hillary came in behind him (just to kick her down a notch).im disappointed in mccain being so low. i can live with obama-and that is saying alot from me who has been known to vote straight ticket republican most of her life! (here is something embarrassing(TRUE STORY)...when i was 18 i wanted to sign up to vote. when they asked what party i wanted i asked which one has the elephant (my favorite animal), so i signed up republican! then i realized that alex p. keaton was repblican as well and that made my day. i was so simple back then...)