Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Charlie Rangel needs a statue...........OF HIMSELF

So the President vetoes the budget from Congress because of earmarks and people are going nuts that the jack ass's (donkeys=democrats) aren't getting anything done because the President is blocking the fabulous budget offered by the mules. In this "change for America" agenda they so fervently pushed, we have the Charles Rangel Center for Public Service at the city college of New York. It is to sport a monument to Charlie, and a well furnished office, a library "designed to hold the product of 50 years of public service by the major African American statesman of the 20th and early 21st centuries"(hold on I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). This would cost a mere 2 million dollars of taxpayer money. This earmark passed in the house but of course didn't make it passed the Presidents desk. Charlie Rangel sucks. Memo to Charlie (charlie is what my family called a penis when I was younger because in the 70's and 80's we didn't use the proper names we used funny ones, so saying Charlie makes me giggle and he really is a penis) We don't care about your statue. You suck for asking. You are a pimp to yourself and a bad one. Of course Barack Obama didn't vote or voted no on a measure to take the ridiculous earmark out of the budget back in July. Oh yea he was campaigning. Who cares do the job you were elected to do. It stayed as part of the budget. shocker. This is why Washington needs fixing. Let's not blame the President for everything. I know there are elephants that have plenty of earmarks, but this one takes the cake. Call Jesse and Al Charlie they know plenty of Hollywood big wigs that can have some sort of Hollywood fund-raiser. Maybe Britney will show up with no panties on, I know plenty who would pay to see that! Let's raise taxes so more politicians can have statues of themselves! This makes me warm all over. NOT.


Anthony Palmer said...

The reason why people blame Bush for this is because he did not veto anything the Republican-controlled Congress sent him prior to 2006. So it's like he's suddenly outraged over earmarks now that the Democrats are in control. That makes Bush look like a partisan obstructionist.

The Democrats are certainly being hypocritical for promising to "drain the swamp in Washington" while only keeping up the same stupid games.

However, I think an equally appalling sham is how Republicans talk about "fiscal responsibility" even though the deficit has exploded on their watch.

I don't think people are blaming Bush just because he's vetoing bills. People are blaming him because he's vetoing bills that he allowed when members of his own party were in control of everything. And of course, the Democrats are lousy for sending him this pork to begin with. But Bush should be outraged over stuff that his allies have been doing for years.

ba and the boys said...

'charlie'...great name

Mike said...

I tried to get the Senate to pay for a statue of me outside where I work, but they didn't go for it. (The city wasn't too crazy about idea, either.)

Keep in mind that the spending bill totaled $550 Billion, and had $8 Billion of earmarks in it. Wanting a statue of yourself seems pretty arrogant, but the amount of money he asked for is paltry, in the grand scheme. It would be like spending $550 at the grocery store and yelling at the kid who got a 10-cent gumball on the way out.

Nikki said...

Anthony, One of the most common criticisms regarding earmarking is that the process lacks transparency. Lawmakers are able to (and often do) insert earmarks during the conference phase of legislation, once debate has ceased. Members of Congress may introduce earmarks anonymously, making it difficult for constituents to follow the actions of the legislator. It was in 2006 that the legisative transparency act was enacted. How could Bush have known who was who? Bill Clinton had the line item veto for a short period until it was ruled unconstitutional and I am sure he vetoed plent of rep earmarks. Earmarks have been around since the 1800's it is nothing new it is just now transparent, so Bush isn't the only one favoring. thanks for chiming it.

It may be a drop in the bucket but he is still a bonehead. :)N

ba......feel free to use the term it isn't copyrighted...hehehe

icanseeclearlynow said...

umm...did charles rangel pee in your cereal this morning, nik? okay maybe asking for a center and statue to the tune of $2 million dollars is a bit much. but unless he grabbed your breast at a recent public gathering, i think it's unfair of you to malign him so. fyi, girlie, charles rangel has done a lot for the african-american community. he is an astute lawyer and politician, held in high-esteem with the likes of martin luther king, jr. by the african-american community. his reputation as a change-agent is much revered and well-deserved.

btw, here's a quote by mr. rangel, ripping hugo chavez for having the nerve to come into our country and publicly rip bush, the retard.

" don't come into my country, you don't come into my congressional district and you don't condemn my president."

--charles b. rangel, sept. 2006

if you think he was brown-nosing, think again. in the the following month of that same year he called dick cheney a "real son of a bitch" and suggested that cheney is a retard too. *giggle* check out wikipedia, my source for this info.

ooops! i guess i've been gone too long, i wrote a post here. *giggle*

later gator.


Nikki said...

LOL.....Oh my heck!! You had me at grab my breast!:D
And I have to say that Charlie didn't pee in my cereal he pee'd on my NERVES!!! I hate it when politicians rip on the President and pull sh** like this. He may have stuck up for him in front of the dictator Hugo Chavez but who gives a damn. He would gladly stab Bush in the back in front of the American people. insignificant. I am glad this is public. I don't want to pay for his statue. hold a fundraiser. that is what I will do when it comes time for me to get one.hehe. besides if he has done so many great things it shouldn't be that hard to get the funds. 2 million is better spent somewhere else. Thanks for letting me have it!!! OUCH girl you go....let it rip!! :)N

icanseeclearlynow said...

LOL!! i KNEW you'd like that breast remark. you and me, nikki, you know we're ALWAYS gonna be good! (on good terms, that is) love ya, girlie!

later gator.


Nikki said...

YOU KNOW IT!!! :) I love a good ass-chewing!! haha! LOL N