Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger

Anyone who reads my blog knows I have a disdain for Hollywood. I really do. And I am not going to trash on the tragic death of this father, son and friend. But what troubles me is the question of, why? I know why. People ask the question why would someone with it "all" choose to live a destructive lifestyle. I ask the question: What is it about Hollywood that is so great that most of the young and famous are taking drugs? Why aren't these actors so content with their lives of money, fame and beauty that it leads them down a path of opportunity instead of addiction, partying and death. Why isn't this life satisfying? Hollywood promotes a destructive lifestyle. Fame is short lived and for the actor the addiction of fame and often substance stems from a self-entitlement, self-centered purpose and this purpose is NEVER satisfying. Fame and fortune are the recipe for a lonely and ungratifying life. Once you have money and fame what is left to achieve is this is the goal? There is always a need of getting it back, getting more of it and using the accolades of fans for ones self-esteem. This is a false sense of self. To search for the praise of others to teach us our own worth never satisfies the uncontent soul. Once the height of praise from peers has left us we cry for more. Like a drug. And then it is drugs we turn to, because the taste of fame is so good and so temporary that those who taste it want to dull the pain of not having their chosen self-esteem. Where are those in the entertainment industry to decry the choices of these young and rich stars? Why do we have to watch them travel down this road of destruction? Why is it that money and fame aren't enough for these people? Is it really because they can, that they do? I think it is because doing ANYTHING for MONEY and FAME is a compromise of who we are and it drags us to a sinking ship of depression that is only overcome artificially. And money and fame ain't that great. Fame leads one to believe they are invincible. Money leads us to a self-important attitude, put the two together and the formula is often a predictor of irrational and rationalized behavior.
There are people in our society who deserve our admiration. It isn't the rich and famous. Not even Oprah with her billions deserves our accolades of applause. There are those who serve others instead of self who are deserving of our admiration. The roar of the crowd that we so often seek is a fickle crowd, changing with the fresh and the new. Only a life dedicated to family and selflessness is a life of satisfaction. Someone once said that few people have ever been on their death beds looking back at life wishing they had spent more time at the office.
And so this 28 year old young man is dead. We don't know why and we can only speculate. I was not a huge Heath Ledger fan, but this disturbs me nonetheless. I have watched those I love on the road to self-destruction and it is painful and I feel helpless. The lesson we learn from these young, rich stars is that money and fame are temporary so don't set your heart on these things. They will fail you. I don't mean to be preachy especially in my political blog, but my other one is supposed to be HAPPY, so be patient political junkies I will rant later, but for now this is on my mind.
What we value in life is often a determiner of what we may become. Rich we may be, famous we may become, but in the long run it may be the very thing that destroys us if these things are achieved by not just compromising our values, but shoving them down so deep we can no longer find them. Then suddenly what we value is of no worth to the soul and we are lost. To me this is the problem with our society. What we value is really of no value. And that is depressing. So the drug companies keep making artificial happiness and we keep taking it and the cycle continues. This may sound simplistic and too black and white. So be it. To me it is simple. It is also true. Of course the truth pill is the hardest to swallow.


icanseeclearlynow said...

nikki, *sigh*

first let me say, hats off to you cause you say the things that are hard to say.

second, the tabloids have NO medical evidence on how heath ledger died. according to cnn, a report from the medical examiners office states the cause of death will not be available for another 10 to 14 days.

finally, hollywood is NOT the enemy. yes, i agree that there are a LOT of negative and sad events that seem largely exclusive to the hollywood lifestyle. and we hear about them regularly cause they are NEWS-WORTHY. but hollywood is also an EXCELLENT venue for ARTISTS. there is a slew of GREAT artistic talent in hollywood. our society would be a dead one were it not for the arts. we NEED the directors, the writers, the actors, the producers and sooo many others that make up what hollywood is. hollywood is a slice of the art world that reflects for us what's going on in our society from generation to generation. and as for fame and money, it's not always evil. there are some wise, talented people that have used these gifts for good. they're just not as newsworthy. i LOVE all things art, including hollywood, sundance, and the like.

love ya too kiddo!

later gator.


Nikki said...

hey Maria...thanks for a different perspective, however I think that few actors anymore are in the entertainment industry for artistic puposes. That is why they are shuffled in and out like cattle. few make it and sustain any sort of longevity. I find myself finding little or no satisfaction with the entertainment offered to me. I guess "what is ART?" is a different topic eh...fame and money aren't evil in themselves it is what is done with the two that is evil and that ends with the individual and what they CHOOSE to do with both!~!! thanks for chiming in chickie....very wise comments as always....Nik

Anonymous said...

Nikki, It was so obvious this guy had a drug problem. After Broke butt mountain it seemed to be more evident. He acted like he was tweeking, but Im sure he could get better stuff than crystal meth. Jack Nicholson was aware of his drug abuse and reporters got him to comment on him pretty openly warning Ledger to not mess around with that stuff or it will kill you.
I think its strange how the media and family and friends are trying to cover up his drug abuse. I guess for the sake of his daughter? All those celeberties are drug addicts in some way or should I say addicts. They are all a bunch of hypocrites! I guess money corrupts! And that is the truth pill. -Sue

Thomas said...

I just think that a lot of young people fall into the trap of drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Heath Ledger of course had more money and access to the stuff.

I don't think this is a Hollywood problem per se. Might Heath have had problems if he was a mere construction worker? Maybe.

I am just a regular joe and I have had family and friends have problems in this area. We just obsess over people like Heath because he represents what our society values most - the hot young actor or singer or athelete.

Nikki said...

Hey Thomas thanks for checking out my blog!! I love getting new readers and I am going to post a link to your blog. I have already checked it out and had a good laugh with your Bobbie Fisher post. You make a great point about Heath probably being the same whether he was a star or construction worker, this rings true to me. I do think that money and fame will bring out the very best in us or the very worst...thanks again looking forward to pundints smundints or American sweatpants.I'll put up both!!