Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Hate Movies....

We went and saw National Treasure tonight and boy was it long. My husband really liked the first one and so I agreed to go see the second one with him. To me a good movie MUST have eye candy. Not necessarily hot guys. Beautiful scenery. An eye catching set. ANYTHING to keep my brain occupied. A hot guy is preferred to keep me glued, but a beautiful mountain will do just fine. This movie had none. And I mean none. Nicholas Cage has one good movie. Valley Girl. The rest stink. His wig is so bad. His hair color is so bad. His droopy face and stupid clothes gagged me! I was like Oh my Gosh!!! Ed Harris was a wrinkled mess, though botox would have been worse. This is why I do not go to movies. There is no eye-candy anymore. Oh of course there is eye candy for guys. The girl in the movie is always 20 years younger than the leading man. AS IF. Ok so if the guy is loaded, THEN MAYBE. You can always find a young girl with a tight butt, fake boobs and no need for botox because she is only 18 and playing a thirty some year old with dozens of college degrees. I know I am uptight. But these things really cross my mind as I am watching these stupid shows. I don't need a man to be young. I just don't want to see an older man look as though it took them hours to get him ready for each scene. Hours of botox injections, hours of hair dye and too much tanning are oh so obvious. Where are the MEN in Hollywood. Why do we have to watch girly men!!! Or overhauled men. I would rather see Nicholas Cage with a bald head and grey hair and wrinkles. To me he looked like a cartoon.
The movie was fine. I guess the plot was clever. But who wants clever plots when you can have the earth move under your feet because of TOTAL HOTNESS! Now I know you are all wondering how my husband feels about this. But I am not worried about him. He gets eye-candy at the movies. This is what I am talking about. Women's rights are really about equal opportunities of half naked good-looking men to gawk at. We get NONE!!! I am done with movies. Writers strike. NO. Viewers strike. Quit putting out CRAP with ugly guys and MAYBE I will be back! Give me crap with Hot guys and I will consider a come back. I AM OUT!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

LOL! funny as always, nik! hubby and i don't go to the movies as much as we used to. hollywood has gotten lazy, i think. there's a lot of crap out there on the big screens. and that includes crap with repeat story plots. *yawn*

i don't care about eye candy. i just want to watch a good story/plot.

later gator.


ba and the boys said...

we saw national treasure on new yers eve also. i agree totally about nick's hair...the color job was REALLY BAD! and the girl in the movie is cute, but not the best actor. i was sad about ed harris getting old...i like him.
but i have to disagree on 2 things...1. nick cage's best-est movie ever was 'raising arizona'. i could watch that movie over and over. and b. i am weird, but i love mnt. rushmore. i have never been there, and i wish there was something else in the dakotas to see to make the trip worth it. (did you ever see 'noth by north west' w/cary grant? maybe that is why i like it.).
it is pg so the kids could see it and if it gets them interested in history (real history.), then great. i love early american history.
and i do have to agree, there needs to be more for us women. at least we can look forward to the new will smith movie (the one where he is a drunk, homeless, superhero.). maybe he will even take his shirt off...

Nikki said...

Maria......I think we would try to see more movies, but I am with you they are all the same plot. Will Ferrell can get my butt in the seats!! Put Elf back in theaters and I will see it with a lot of junk food!!! N :)

BA...I totally forgot about Raising AZ you are right, funny funny funny!! And had there been more Mt. Rushmore to look at, yes I would have been happy. I love American History as well. That part of the movie I enjoyed. ok so it didn't suck that bad....... :)N

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Cage is scary! Did you know he is a Coppola? -Related to Sofia and his dad is Coppola director. He changed his name. He talks like Elvis in those movies, thats what annoyed us. We went to Enchanted! That was cute and there is some eye candy in that for you. Brent actually loved it and he initially didnt want to see it.
Call me-

Nikki said...

Hey Sue I took Jake to see Enchanted, he actually WANTED to see it. It was cute and Patrick Dempsey was cute in it...........he has some hotness to him and it kept me interested!!! I call soon!! Nik

Mike said...

Nikki, great post as always, but really, we gave you Casino Royale. What more do you want?

I'm kidding, of course. It's unfortunate for women that Hollywood is run by men. Works out pretty good for me, though. Ha ha, I crack myself up.

Nikki said...

Hey mike, thanks for checking in. I tried to watch Casino Royale over Thanksgiving and there were to many interuptions. I will try to watch it again. I agree the new James Bond is pretty good-looking in an odd sort of way. Kind of like Jaquin Phoenix. strange little men that women want to fix. here come the caucus's I am sure we will be getting into it politically.........see you in the blogosphere!!!
N :)