Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Iowa Caucus and Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

I am the cotton headed ninny muggins. I have undoubtedly come down with something that is stuffing my head with cotton. At least it feels that way. But it would appear that I can kill 2 birds with one stone by keeping glued to the TV and getting a little rest at the same time. The results will be in tonight and coming in first in the Iowa Caucus in the past hasn't always predicted the nominee. Yes I find this exciting and stimulating conversation. Our nation is in need of strong, consistent leadership and my opinionated self has something to say about it and I hope you keep yourselves informed on the issues and vote. Make your voices heard. We may disagree, but our democracy is the only government that changes peacefully. The President said in an article I read yesterday that change is essential for democracy and change is good to bring new ideas and energy. I agree. I am throwing my support to Mitt Romney and John McCain would be my second choice. I could vote for Rudy. Mike Huckabee for me would be a no show. I have always liked a Romney/Pataki ticket. Governor Pataki of New York. I also like a McCain/Lieberman ticket. I think Rudy would probably pick a social conservative for a running mate, perhaps one of his rivals at the moment. It is any ones guess. As for me I will be on the couch nursing my thera-flu, my new best friend and milking it for all I can!! Happy Iowa Caucus............and let's bring home a winner not a YUCKABEE!!!
And I will be blogging about Al Gore and his Global warming and our country that is freezing its ASS off. Nice going Al, your theory turned fact has more holes in it than a DANGLING CHAD!!!!


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. I of course am following the caucus results. It's early yet, but it looks like Obama is pulling ahead of the Dem pack, with Edwards a hair above Clinton. Too close to call yet, with 53% reporting.

They already have Hucklebee projected as the winner on the Repub side.

Gotta love politics!

Hope you feel better soon. I seem to have caught whatever is going around. I have my jug of DayQuil on my desk to get me through the day.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike...yep it's the huckster. yuck. I will vote for Obama if Huck goes all the way. For real. of course Obama will have to go all the way too. Hillary will keep me home. Happy Nyquil!! On to New Hampshire...... :) N