Sunday, January 6, 2008


I didn't watch the Republican debate tonight but my hubby was kind enough to tape the democratic debate and I had the wonderful opportunity to watch these folks screw the pooch on foreign policy. Could somebody PLEASE send Hill a memo that she is not running against George W. Bush. hate it or love it he is not running for President. She is trying so hard not to be the "establishment" she forgets who is running against her. At this point I am voting for Charles Gibson who asked excellent questions that were tough and revealing. My favorite line was to Barack Obama "you just described the Bush Doctrine" when describing whether or not he would ever considering attacking Pakistan or POCKOSTON as they all pronounced it so Alex Trebeck like. You had Richardson taking out Musharraf, but using diplomacy, a failed policy in Iran, with our enemies who have no country. And if a nuclear bomb hit a city in America you had Barack Obama knocking on doors to find out who dropped it. In Iraq they would STRENUOUSLY stress the government to negotiate with the Sunnis or the checks will stop and we will leave. Barack doesn't credit the troop surge for the recent success in Iraq, but the Dem's taking over the house in '06 and got they got scared so they started getting along. Hill, Barack, Edwards, and ding-bat Richardson would bring the troops home even if the generals said not too. It made my skin crawl to hear John Edwards say that he would go against military recommendations. They would all attack Pakistan, but would have used diplomacy in Iraq and would have read the intelligence better than the President, but all would use "intelligence" to decide whether or not to invade and unseen enemy. Charles Gibson did hid best to keep them on topic but the Governor of New Mexico had a difficult time staying on task and kept spouting his resume like someone with turrets. What would you do as President when the choices are bad, bad bad and bad.......I think none of these candidates have a freaking clue what is going on. They have the luxury of criticising the President without the responsibility. It is easy for all of us to bash the President and to sit comfortably in our homes relying on perfect decisions to keep us safe, perfect our lives and to solve our problems, when these are the idiots he has been dealing with.......truly politicking our lives because it is popular to kick against the pricks.
The dems are in trouble. Their foreign policy couldn't be weaker. Until the dems can take a strong stand against terrorism and at the same time be against war and at the same time play nice nice all at the same time. They will continue to lose. John McCain will crucify whoever the democratic nominee is. period. It is obvious they are talking out both sides of their faces, criticizing the President and then quoting his policy out the other side. Hillary-ious. Only of course they will be better at his policies. I bet most Americans don't even know the Bush Doctrine on foreign policy. Get a clue jack-ass's. The money you seek from the war may be at the expense of our lives.


ba and the boys said...

my thoughts onlast night...hillary looked angry to have to be there. i think she was expecting to have the nom by now. people ganged up on obama and romney. mccain was left alone (for the most part) and seemed to have rehearsed 'jokes'. ron paul, thompson and richardson should just go away already. they arent going to win. still confused about who to vote for. very scared about the future and who will be left to vote for. im telling you, if steven colbert would seriously run, i would vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki,
Romney did decent on tonights debate on fox. I am still hopeful! McCain seemed tired and to old for me. Okay, so maybe I am a bit shallow, and caught up with the appearances. Isnt that what America really cares about anyways? He would be a handsome president!-Sue