Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Media is an OBAMANATION

Senator Obama is a media darling. They LOVE him. CNN actually covered the Kenya problem more today than President Bush who is in Jerusalem trying to broker a Palestinian state to save his legacy. And why is that? Oh yeah Barack has been making phone calls trying to intervene in Kenya to end the violence brought on by the current election going on there. Ok it's all good, act Presidential, I get it. How about the Senate. 2 years in the Senate with only 1 year of focus, because of campaigning. And was 2005 and 2006 full of authored legislation and voting by Mr. Obama? Oops my bad, it was a book he authored, sorry. I hate to pile-on an articulate Presidential candidate. OK no I don't. I love it. He is a democrat. Though I do think it was a smooth move to recruit Oprah to get the women vote and force Hillary into a fake crying moment. Brilliant. Round 2: Oprah crying like a big fat baby on her show for the Senator. You watch it will happen. She will be playing endless "Color Purple" scenes and her guests will be Ellen DeGeneres=great cryer, Rosie O' Donnell=great cryer, Paris Hilton=like a cryer(when she is going to jail she's really good) and Baby Suri=baby cruise=babies cry. This will be the crying show and it will be for Obama. Seriously folks let's examine his record. He wants what is best for America, only the job needs to be more glamorous than the current one for him to REALLY work hard. Just keepin it real.


icanseeclearlynow said...

oh i totally agree with you on this nikki. he doesn't have enough of a track record as far i can tell. just saying.

and hmmmm... calling kenya to intervene? uh? *cough* sharpton *cough* say it with me please. yah! exactly!

LOL! on all the crying people, starting with oprah.


Mike said...

Obama doesn't have much of a track record. Lucky for him, he's following the man who set the bar so low for presidential qualifications that you'd need a shovel and a strong back to limbo under it.

You know what would be funny would be if Obama called up Israel and brokered a peace agreement while George is off visiting churches.

Maybe Oprah could play some footage of Tammy Faye Baker. She was the ultimate cry-master!

Nikki said...

Maria......hooray you are back!! OK so here I come checking out your blog for a post.if there isn't one I'll post anyway!!!

Mike....rats I totally forgot about Tammy Faye..... Barbara walters could get anyone to cry, especially celebrities whose careers are in the toilet. maybe Mel Gibson could show George around The Holy Land. If he could stay sober. as for the bar being low.......well you know where I stand on that one!! later....:)

Anonymous said...

Nikki- I am having a political meltdown!!! Why even vote when the media is picking our candidates for us?
I am done.-Sue