Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire........Old Hampshire

New Hampshire is over. Thank GOODNESS. I can't listen to any more blubbering. Hillary is riding that horse all the way to Michigan. As a matter of fact I heard that she has to listen to Bette Midlers "Wind beneath my wings" before every rally. She wasn't crying because she believes so passionately in HERSELF.........she was crying for HERSELF and because Bill is going to leave her if she doesn't stick to her marital commitments to become President so he can have his room back. OK so maybe not, but it did cross my mind. FOR REAL.


Mike said...

Everyone made fun of Hillary for getting all choked up, but it seems to have helped. For the first time, she appeared human.

Do you think Romney can pull out "the gold" in Michigan? He's one or two points up in most polls, but I've seen one that shows McCain leading, and one that has Huckleberry ahead. Looks like it's going to be the opposite of New Hampshire, with the Democrat winner known going in (Clinton is polling higher than Obama and Edwards combined), but the Republicans have a real fight on their hands.

If Hillary wins it all, will she and Bill sleep on opposite sides of the bed than last time?

Nikki said...

Hey Mike. I agree I think it did help the ICE QUEEN to a degree. Perhaps Obama supporters got lazy and thought it was in the bag with such a big W in Iowa. I think Romney can still squeek out a win somewhere, but his supporters don't have the passion that the dems have right now. Ron Paul is the only libertarian/camoflauged as a republican with passionate supporters right now. reps are manic right now.
Hillary and Bill don't even like eachother. it is a business relationship for sure........N :)
thanks for chiming in!!

Nikki said...

boy after I re-read that post I sure said "right now" A LOT......sorry.