Friday, January 25, 2008

Not only does the New York Times endorse Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas,, Hugo Chavez and Michael Moore....John McCain also has this honor..

His Mom is right we may have to plug our noses to vote for John McCain. It does make me cringe to think of all the libs that like John McCain. To me all the right people hate George. If the libs liked him I would hate him. I like John McCain and I think he should run very very fast away from this endorsement. Rudy should be proud that the NYT does not endorse him. Though I would support John McCain over Rudy. Truth be told McCain is more conservative on social issues than Rudy. I think Rosie O'Donnell endorses Rudy. VERY SCARY!!! That one may be worse than the NYT endorsement.

And from now on I am going to say at least one derogatory thing about the Hill/Bill machine in every post. Today's Hill/Bill attack: Memo to Hill/Bill: Going on the Tyra Banks show to counter the Oprah endorsement of Obama, is NOT going to get you the female black super model vote. Such an obvious tactic. Oprah vs. Tyra. Umm Tyra works for Harpo which is Oprah spelled backwards. Nice try Hill/Bill. But Oprah every womans best girlfriend with connections, passed you by. Get over it.


icanseeclearlynow said...

nikki, i LOVE this post!! you've said sooo much with so few words. i'm learning a lot about the conservative view just from reading your blog. and i'm beginning to understand some of your positions.

rudy and rosie are a good fit. he's a sleazy, skanky, slutty, bullying coward. hmmm... so is she! oh yeah and she is a belly-aching friggin cry-baby!

the hill/bill team going to tyra banks for endorsement is the same as them going to sesame street for its endorsement. maybe he ought to try spongebob's show next.

later gator.


Nikki said...

LOL!!! hahahahahaha. for real I am laughing. Wish I would have thought of sponge bob and sesame are soooooo right!! :)N

amare said...

hahah bill/hill's campaign screams of desperation. nice post!