Monday, January 21, 2008

A Pluthera of thoughts......

Romney the flip-flopper
I am not sure anyone cares but it is on my mind and I am going to blog about it, after all it is my blog. I have done some research about the flip-flopping of Mitt Romney and yes he has flip flopped. However it was in 1994 that his views were a little more left leaning when running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate in Massachusetts. I am trying to think of what I was thinking 14 years ago with regards to my political opinions and I am sure I was much more of an angry republican back then. Of course Bill Clinton was in the White House and my husband and I had to pay taxes every year and were pretty much broke. It wasn't the Presidents fault we were young and just starting out. My political views have gotten far more compassionate as the years have rolled on, partly due to life experiences and maturity and partly due to, well I just changed my mind. So why can't a politician change his or her mind? What I found to be the most interesting transformation of Mitt now vs. Mitt 14 years ago was not his mind changing, but his arrogant and smug demeanor. We tend to get more wise as we age, at least I would hope so. He does come off a bit smug and perfect, but far less than he used to. I don't care about politicians changing their minds......seasons change and so do we.

Mormons voting for Mormons
Mitt is going to get the "Mormon" vote. But in Utah we have been voting for Mormons for years. We have hated them, loved them and have even been screwed over and lied to by them. Mormon politicians are nothing new to Utahans. I could easily pass Mitt by and even wave bye-bye to him were he to lose the nomination. No tears would be shed and like so many times before I would vote for a non-Mormon and be just as happy. One thing you all should know about Mormons is that we are an industrious people and we do VOTE, our leaders admonish to do so. So cuddle up candidates and start pandering to us like you do other religions. Or not. Just so you all know we don't care what religion, race or sex you are, as long as you respect us. You will get our full attention and we will listen to you, so make your case.

True Conservatism
There has been a lot of talk in the republican party about getting back to core conservative values. This is driving me crazy!!! It is creating schizophrenic candidates!!! Let me just state for the record right here that though pro-life I may be it isn't my main concern. As a matter of fact I don't give a rats butt who is and who isn't pro-life! Who is the TRUE fiscal conservative, who is the TRUE foreign policy conservative, who is the most like Ronald Reagan, who is the TRUE social conservative and really WHO CARES!!! I know I am supposed to but this is turning into the "who can be the most conservative" contest and quite frankly I DON'T CARE!!! The big question to me is WHO CAN BEAT THE DONKEYS? So Mitt was pro-choice, pro gay rights........who cares. I really don't. My main issue is electability and strong on terror and tax breaks tax breaks tax breaks. So let's give it a rest on who is the most spiritual, the most pro-life, the most small government and get down to it. I don't want to bring this up again.

According to wikipedia this is the definition of a populist "Populism is the use of discourses, ideas or policies which aim to appeal to "the people" by setting up a dichotomy between "the people" and "the elite". Populist appeals to "the people" have often been associated with an emotional appeal to identities, including national, class, ethnic and regional ones, though scholars of democratic populist movements argue that such movements are civicly educative, developing "public judgment" and wider, more inclusive identities. Populism may involve either a political philosophy urging social and political system changes and/or a rhetorical style, deployed by members of the political class competing for advantage within the existing regime." There you have it. Politicians who appeal to the emotions of "the people" in order to establish a competitive advantage. In other words, let the government fix your problems. No thanks. Why does a philosophy of more government control and more reliance on government appeal to some people. Are they institution leeches that expect the government to solve their problems and wipe their bottoms? Or are they unhappy with a mediocre lifestyle because they have to watch rich people on TV all day? Or is the philosophy a form of mind control of politicians who want to appeal to the struggling individual? Or is the message so right on that it engulfs the very mind of the poor to hang on help is on the way? To me it is an institution sucking philosophy that teaches dependence on elites and government who can show the serfs who will help them and in return keep the elites in power. I think it sucks. Populism is a fascist, socialist, communist philosophy that is dangerous for all of us. Who are the populists? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Mike Huckabee. There they go tugging on our heart strings for votes. Naughty politicians making promises they can't keep. shocker.

Just one last thought. Hillary is such a B. She was such a wench in last nights debate I can't even stand it. I hope Barack beats her like a drum in South Carolina. Her little act in SC last night proves that her cry me a river routine was staged. She and Bill are so calculating and dirty it is pathetic. Their supporters are idiots and she doesn't deserve to be our President. Obama has been nothing but respectful to her and he needs to put the gloves on and stop taking the high road. It is time to pull out some good old fashioned nasty politics.......smear campaign baby!!! There is plenty out there to smear about when it comes to the Clinton political machine......yucky icky Clintons. Please no more Clintons in the White House!!!!


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki.

Wow. There is so much in this post. Where to begin?

Romney the flip-flopper: The main thing is not that Romney has changed his positions over the years. It's that 4 years ago, the "Liberal" media cried 24/7 about how Kerry was a flip-flopper. That's all we heard about, unless they were questioning his patriotism. Romney just gives the left a chance to point out the hypocricy of some people on the right. (And what's more fun than that?)

True Conservatism: None of the current Republican candidates can beat the donkeys. It's sad but true.

Populism: The populist message is that the system has been rigged to benefit the moneyed elite. I don't know how that charge can be reasonably denied. The populist promises to fix things so the playing field is more even. That's why Edwards says he's not going to have any lobbyists working for him and whatever else he promises about sticking it to the rich (himself excluded, I assume.) As for the appeal of more government control, I'd say that the current "sub-prime" snafu is the perfect example of what less government control can bring.

Hillary: You're right, she does suck. Obama shouldn't smear her, though. There are plenty of people on the right who will do (and have been doing) that for him.

great post, by the way.

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik! obama has to stay on the high road. if he tries to come low the public and media will rip him to shreds cause they're waiting for him to screw up so they can pounce.


Nikki said...

hey Mike.......point well taken on the sub-prime mess, However it is our daily lives and pocket books that concerns me. It seems to me that libs want government "out" of their business, example exhibit A=abortion, but at the same time paying for their health care etc. where is the line drawn? And I think Hill and Obama are both beatable by the reps except for Huckabubba. McCain would crush them both in any debate. Romney is a toss up....thanks :) Nikki

Maria...I am not sure if you saw the ugliness last night but she is rare form right now and the way she was attacking Obama....that girl is afraid of him and with good reason. Though I disagree with him MOST of the time, he is a far more authentic person than her. And his supporters are passionate about their man...shame on the media.....hugs :) Nikki

King Coby said...

Its so easy for an older individual who obviously cant serve the armed forces to declare to be strong on terror! We have no business bullying the planet at the expense of our most precious assets, Our young men and women! Your nothing but an armchair quarterback with nothing at stake. If for some reason I am wrong and you have family serving proudly then your just plain ignorant! Fighting a futile cause is ridiculous!Bring our Troops Home! The damn mexicans are taking over our border towns for christ sakes@! Oh I am Mexican American I almost forgot! In that case forget it stay over there.....I have somefriends that need to live a better life here under the watchful eye of our current administration!!!!!