Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Super Bowl: Republicans vs. Democrats

Politics are about the struggle of power. In America it really isn't about ideaology anymore in my opinion. It is like sports. Here comes the Super Bowl and here comes the Presidential election. We all want our team to win. We all HATE the other team and can find any and every stitch of evidence to prove our point. We all have core beliefs and these can't and won't be compromised. For the past 7 years the Bush administration and conservatives have been called stupid, war-mongers, fascists, rich promoters, obstructionists, hypocrites, retards, liars, partisans, racists, sexists, corporate hogs and evil to name a few. Democrats have been called un-patriotic, communists, tax-lovers, evil, terror-lovers, jack-ass's (I love that one), and many more I could think of but I think you get my point. Right now I don't know that policy is the big deciding factor among voters. I think most of the voters of today vote based on partisan blindness or blatantly wanting our team to win. It is more of a competition than a democratic process. Like I have said before, I am wary of people who find no fault within their own party and demonize the other. Each of us could surf the net all day long and find proof to back up our opinions. Truth is, if we hate Bush and republicans we will see all the bad. If we like Bush and republicans we will see only the good. The truth is always found in the middle, and truth seekers will always find a portion of truth in 2 opposing points of view. But just like in a football game, we can rationalize why our team did or didn't win, and who is responsible so forth and so on. The quarterback sucked, the line didn't protect, crappy coaching, the play book stinks, they ate too much during the game yadda yadda yadda. It all sounds familiar. This struggle for power is what we seek. To be right. Our idealogy is preferred and we are winners. This is dangerous and bad for America. I believe the biggest problem with the Iraq war has not been the 20 different opinions on whether we should or shouldn't be there or where we go from here or who lied or it's all about oil, it's all rhetoric. The problem has been the lack of support and division by Americans. It is not more noble to fight against the war. This gives morale to the enemy. It is not noble when our troops are in harms way to bash against their cause.
So as the 2 big events approach and we argue about what will get America back on track.......What you may believe is best for America is the very thing I think is wrong with America. But in the end aren't we both right?


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik, i just want our men and women, those that are left to come home. this has dragged out too long. i saw a news segment yesterday morning that said the attempted suicide rate in the military is the highest it's ever been. i don't care about who's right or wrong. i don't care about threats of terrorism. threats of all kinds are just LIFE. those men and women in iraq are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers etc. i think we made our point over there already.

as far as voting on partisan blindness, i completely agree with you. i confess that i have always been one of those voters. now i suffer from voter apathy. i just don't give a crap anymore and i honest to god don't believe that my vote makes a difference. i'll make my contribution and leave my mark on society in a different way. politics aint it.

that's my two cents, girlie.

later gator.


Nikki said...

Hey girl.I am with you on voter apathy this year. I am not feeling soooo passionate about anyone and with John McCain getting the GOP nod I may sit this one out myself. Everyone wants the troops home. I want them home too. But let's not have another cambodia. hope you are getting some sunshine!!! we just got more snow!! I am going to go stick some needles in my eyes now for entertainment!! luv ya

ba and the boys said...

have you tried this logic on rob about the u of u?
i is IMPOSSIBLE to be un-bias when it comes to politics...unless you really don't give a rats a**. (my little brother) but most people have a problem with something in their lives that they can't take responsibility for and blame the goverment.
i can honestly say that my 'team' should always be the winner. or they shouldn't be playing. (i'm a bad winner-but a worse loser.)

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Three years ago, I took off my political blinders for good. I had long been displeased with the Democrats in Washington and after the 2004 election, I decided to abandon them. I figured that if they weren't going to fight for me, then why should I fight for them? I'm registered with the Green Party now and have no plans on going back to the Dems.

As for Iraq, the problem is not the people who are opposed to it. The first problem is that it was the most ill-advised move that Bush could have taken. It has made us a lot less safe than we were before the invasion, and played right into Bin Laden's hand. Al Queda did not exist in Iraq until we destroyed the country, now the occupation is a major recruiting tool for them. The other problem with the Iraq war is that it was planned and executed so poorly that it was bound to become the mess that it is today.

It's funny that you should mention Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge came into power as a direct result of Nixon's illegal bombing of that country. So there are some interesting parallels between that situation and Iraq. Let's hope that Iraq ends better than Cambodia did.

Great post, as always. Go Giants!

King Coby said...

fantastic Comment Mike! i agree with you on the war in Iraq. A very ill-concieved operation at best. Fortunately I feel quite confident that the eyes of America are about to open and a change for the better is upon us all. partisan politicos all spew the same hate and contempt for one another no matter which side they are on. i also want to get away from partisanship if you will. i am a rank and file democrat, however there are many issues that I too do not agree with. Isn't it time we all unite for a stronger more prosperous America? In the end hate mongers like Limbaugh and Dennis Miller will incite the right to detest the left. last nights democratic debate was awesome, and Either of the two candidates will make a fine President. Together as Pres and Vice Pres They cannot lose. I already the right giving in. its time for a serious change! The only REP I would trust is Ron Paul. Long live John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

Nikki said...

Hey Mike.....I was wondering what your political persuasion was, I mean it was obvious you weren't republican and I knew weren't so happy with the dems, so it is out of the bag!! you are mysterious over at the P driver!!.....Isn't the green Party nominee a woman this year? Any wagers on the game? Thanks for popping in.:)N

The Dawlings said...

you are so evil, but I love you so much. How can that be so? It must be your great enthusiasm for life. I hope you know I am teasing when I say you are evil. Drinking Coke isn't evil.... :)

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. How about that game? Best ever, I think. (Best I've seen, anyway.)

Nikki said...

Mike I have to say it was awesome!! AND I was TOTALLY cheering for the Giants at the end of the game!! I thought the commercials sucked royal, except for the Will Ferrell one of course. The half time show was LAME! But the game stole the show!! AS IT SHOULD BE!!! :)Nikki

icanseeclearlynow said...

OMG nik! i TOTALLY agree!! the commercials were the WORST!! the half-time show was a SNOOZER!! all due respect to tom petty in a different venue. but elevator music do not make it as half-time entertainment at the super bowl.

and the trophy for the WORST commercial go to the IDIOTS who put together that justin timberlake CRAP! i'm just saying.



Nikki said...

Maria....That commercial did suck!! Sooo many of the commercials had me shaking my head. I didn't get half of them....I may be an air-head but really, I needed COMMERCIALZZZZZZZ to be explained to me. I'm just sayin' too!!!