Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul a racist?

Here is a link that has been due to come out isn't a shocker.


ba and the boys said...

why oh why is this man still in the race for the white house? seriously, who is voting for him? (at least richardson listened to me and dropped out.)

Nikki said... is time to send a memo. or a blog. he is so high strung it is frightening. N

Anonymous said...

Being a racist is the least of his problems... the way he throws around useless facts and lives in his 'made-up' world (past, present, & future)... you'd think he was a BYU fan???

icanseeclearlynow said...

what i respect about people like ron paul (at least back in the 90s when he was being honest about his feelings) and rash limbos,(yah! oops), radio talk show guy, is that they're not afraid to speak their minds. the scary people, to me, are the quiet ones. the ones that read a firey blog like yours or a controversial blog like minge and walk away with their lips sealed. the scary people can smile and nod in front of you and then shoot you between the shoulder blades when you're not looking. yeah ron paul and ppl like him are ignorant and narrow minded, but at least i KNOW where they stand.

later gator.