Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The State of the Union and the Hillary/Obama Reunion

I love the State of the Union address. It always excites me. For real. I get all pumped up to watch the President walk through the corridor and to hear "Madam Speaker, the President of the United States" and then of course the roar of the crowd and everyone in the aisle wants the Presidents autograph as he walks to the podium. I love watching the crowds reaction to the speech. You have half the room giving standing ovations, and some of the people are looking around to see if their colleagues are going to stand and then they will. Some are asleep and some have stupid looks on their faces and are picking their noses. I find this all very fun to watch. I know I am a freak. To me this is better viewing than any show offered on TV at the moment. I realize this President is unpopular, but it is exciting to me nonetheless.
The President is not the best speaker in the world, ok so he stinks, not always, but mostly. There is also Bush fatigue, and the country is hungry for some newness, we always are, that is the fickleness of our society. I found him to be extremely relaxed in this speech and it flowed very well in my opinion. It wasn't particularly inspiring but it outlined an aggressive agenda, like all of the Bush State of the Unions have, and we shall see how the year goes. The truly knowledgeable talking heads and democrats have their opinions and they can look through their own paradigms and make up their minds. I think the President is at the home stretch and looking forward to the world no longer being on his shoulders. If it were me I would have mooned everyone in the chamber last night and offered some other obscene gesture's. Then the donks and some phants would have done it back and it would have been great television. Oh the missed opportunities.
The media was more interested in Hillary and Obama running into each other at the speech. Like jilted lovers Obama and Hillary completely ignored each other and you could cut the air with a knife. Hillary threw Teddy a few wounded puppy looks and looked strung out in her bright red dress. Teddy was a little too exhilarated and busy patting himself on the back for the freakishly dramatized speech he gave earlier at an Obama rally. Obama actually got up and gave some standing-o's for the President, which I think speaks to some possible "reaching out" on his part. Hillary looked bored and annoyed and I think John Kerry must have asked her to pull his finger because she had this "I'm disgusted" look on her face most of the time. I shouldn't be so hard on her she could have been constipated, she had stated before through her tears that she was eating a lot of pizza. Her twin did not attend. I am shocked by this. I am sure he didn't want more people to ask for his autograph and show-up poor Dubya. He is very considerate. Not only was Bill our first black President he was also our first "Rock Star" President, so a major distraction he would have been. Thanks Hill/Bill. All in all it was a great night of mocking and cheering on the couch at my house. I like Dubya, he has kept us safe, at least give him that.


icanseeclearlynow said...


::eye rolls::


::finger down the throat gesture::

all i know is i couldn't watch my regular t.v. programs.



Nikki said...

I am laughing too hard to comment back!!!!!! LOL.....did anyone pull your finger??? :D N


I get all excited too, Nikki....for the State of the Union address!! Sister Nerds!! HOWEVER....I refuse to watch our insincere President foam at the mouth with lies and deceit.

Is there a toilet near? :::flush:::

Anonymous said...

Is Big love on???????