Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Superficial Politics: Who is Hot.........looking

Mitt Romney finally came in first and put a W in the win column for the women of America. Yes it was for us. Mitt is freaking HOT. I don't care if Barack Obama has some girl on youtube that has a crush on him, Mitt is by far the hottest candidate. He has great hair, he's tall, he's rich, he's sassy, he's a good husband, he has hot sons for future hot Presidents, he wears a suit well, let's face it he is easy on the eyes, and that is why he is getting my vote. I want a President that I can lust after. I think W has a good butt in his wranglers, but it is time for some sex appeal in the White House. Bill Clinton may have appealed to sex in the White House, but can you say cradle robber, ew, icky. It was appalling not appealing. Now Mitt will have the women in America watching news conferences, State of the Union addresses and nodding our heads in total agreement, standing by our man with the perfect jawline, after all, we voted for hotness this election!! Come on ladies vote for Mitt! WHO'S YOUR DADDY!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

ahh, nik... you DO know how to set tongues a-wagging, dontchya?! another PROVOCATIVE post girlie. very NICE. oooo-boy! i can just see all your straight-laced politicos recoiling. *giggle*

however, you speak the truth. this country has always been partial to individuals that appeal to the eye.

btw, which friggin wranglers might you be referring to? you must be referring to the president's body double or stand-in. i saw NO such "good butt" in ANY wranglers worn by a man named w. uh-uh. nope! did NOT!

later gator.


ba and the boys said...

does rob know about this post?

Anonymous said...

ba - are you kidding me? after 15 yrs of watching her hit on every waiter, bank teller,police officer, door-to-door sales guy, Schwann's driver, little league coach, store clerk, movie ticket guy, college guys in the car next to us at the red light, selective pro athletes, neighbors, and friends...(whew!) well, to answer your question - Yeah, I had a hunch about the prez. ROB

Nikki said...

Rob come on you have reaped some rewards from my schmoozing NOT flirting SCHMOOZING....did the Schwans guy not give us free, rainbow trout, free ice cream sandwiches and do we not get free stuff from waiters, and did Jake and did we not get free Jazz tickets from Jerry Sloan and Buck Williams and Bryan Russell? I just do it for the good of our family. that is all.....honey you know you are my main flirt!! :)N