Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where is Al Gore?

Democrats are still sooooooo bitter about the 2000 election fiasco, that they can hardly say republican or Bush without throwing-up a little bit upon pronunciation. This is my theory about this deranged hatred by the left towards George Bush and republicans. They deemed the country in such great shape after the Clinton administration, that Al Gore losing to Dubya was a huge shocking blow of catastrophic proportions. Trying to comprehend it even now hurts to the core and many democrats have never recovered. It is ridiculous. We know Al went through some sort of crisis after the dangling chad party and Bush opponents still can't believe they lost to such an idiot. If life under the Clinton's was so wonderful, then what did Al run on? A "more of the same" campaign? Why did he run on an "I am my own man" campaign and try to distance himself from some serious moral and ethical problems of the previous administration (hint=booty patrol and whitewater etc.). He also pledged to extend Medicare to pay for prescription drugs, to work for a sensible universal health-care system, to lower crime, and to keep the military strong by making it smaller and more efficient(that would have been awesome!NOT). Gore blasted Bush's tax cut plan, saying it only benefited the "super" wealthy, while he claimed that his own tax cuts targeted more lower and middle-class citizens who pay hardly any tax already. Not to mention most democrats wanted to pay more tax. They were the Hollywood rich types who pushed "American sacrifice" and like President Bush said, Washington takes checks and money orders, feel free to send money. Gore also pledged to protect Social Security by using a "lock box" and to improve the public education in America. He also was a populist that said he would fight against evil corporations (who employ people) but sat real pretty with pharmaceutical companies who supported him. Of course these pharmaceutical companies denied cheaper generic drugs to third world countries struggling with the AIDS epidemic (hmmmm).
Where is Al? Why hasn't he endorsed a Clinton ticket? Al is pretty popular with the Peace Prize and all (now I just threw-up a little bit in my mouth. Jimmy Carter has one too. nuff said). Al blames the Clintons for his demise not to mention George who "stole" the election. Maybe he is "hanging" with his new "homeys" in Hollywood and decided that was a better gig. If he could win an Oscar, hang with Leo and get his own groupies like Bill, things might just work out. In the meantime Obama and Hilary can duke it out and maybe he can step in as some sort of "secretary" for either one having been neutral. See being a prominent democrat is difficult now days. If you support Hillary, you are racist, if you support Obama you are sexist. What is a good little tolerant democrat to do? And then there is Al. Is he Switzerland? Or is he so focused on Global warming that he doesn't care? Which candidate supports him the most on environmental issues? Maybe all this talk about "change" should change to "climate change" so we can see where Al sits in this election. His calling is higher than that of the President of the United States. He is helping God to help the world, not just evil Americans, destroying the ozone layer. He is now a WORLD leader. So perhaps he is an outsider to the politics of America, after all, climate change could destroy us. Not terrorists. The weather. Go figure.


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki! Another great post!

I can only speak for myself, but here's why I hate Bush so much.

1) The shock of going from smart President to stupid President.

2) He's f*cking up our country.

3) Al Gore won Florida.

According to a study performed by 8 news organizations, no matter which method is used, if all of Florida's disputed ballots were counted, Gore would have been rightly declared the victor. Read about the report here.

I can't get past that. I don't care if we have a Democrat in the white house for the rest of my life, I will never forgive the Bush people (and the Republican party) for hijacking our electoral process. That's just me, I believe in putting country before party.

The fact that Bush is the worst president ever only serves to pour salt in the wound.

And speaking of the Nobel Peace Prize, I believe Henry Kissinger also has one, so we can see how lax the screening process is.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike, what I really want to say to you is how refreshing it is that someone with total and complete opposite views as me can come to my site and treat me with respect. I mean that sincerely! So I want to say thank you for that! You never attack me only my ideas and that is truly commendable!!
Also I will post a link to support the Bush win and of course the cycle continues. Hopefully this election can get us beyond the pain of the past and we can do some things that will benefit all of us. and touche on Henry Kissenger. Not a whole lot of credibility for that prize!!! thanks for your comments! :)Nikki


Well said Mike.

icanseeclearlynow said...

OMG!! nik. you got my blood boiling a bit here. UGH! this is why i DON'T discuss politics. for the record, they're all tricksters: al, bush (the retard, pansy, cocky, idiotic, bastard!), hillary, obama. ALL self-interested, game-playing, yuck-heads! i HATE bush because he's a friggin CHEATER. he STOLE the election!! period! i'll always remember him for that: a lying, stinkin, CHEATER!!

BUT, i like that you get me and the other readers riled up. GO YOU. ;)


Anonymous said...

well said! he is a friggin CHEATER! period. i agree... i'll always remember him for that: a lying, stinkin, CHEATER!! he was married at the time?!?! oh but morality and fidelity are footnotes and punchlines to Dems. Nice post.