Monday, January 14, 2008

Why The Sundance Film Festival Sucks So BAD

I hope Robert Redford googles Sundance and accidentally comes to my blog and reads this post. I don't like movie stars. Their politics stink and their lifestyles are messed-up at best. This may be a mass generalization but bummer they hate me, I am conservative, so right back at ya loser celebrities. Every year they have to make their crappy movies that are touted as "ART" and dress like freaking hippies and street walkers and march around Park City, Utah like they own the place. OK so maybe it is good for the economy to have all the tourists and the artsy types push their products at such an event, but go home already. I don't want to like hear people like talking like they are so cultured like and like informed about like our like earth and its like issues like. So take your artsy fartsy liberal, drug addicted, promiscuous, tree-hugging, Hillary-loving, Michael Moore worshipping, pornography errrr naked art people and stay in LA. That is where this kind of crap should be held. Oh I forgot Bob the wrinkled face Redford lives here and owns this state. You see under the Clinton administration he had scads of land declared federally protected and actual towns shut down, fine, love the earth. But you see he owns his own freaking mountain. Its called Sundance. It is up Provo canyon in Provo, Utah. Yep he can buy mountains and the rest of us can only look at them and visit them. So yes I hate the Sundancers. They are a bother. They parade around the streets of Park City looking for admirers. Because you know anybody who is anybody is at the festival. Not me. I am not impressed with their worthless lives of self worship and stupid movies of indoctrination. Shoving their politics down our throats like we need the beautiful people of America teaching us what our opinions should be, while we all choke on our own self-pity at not being FAMOUS!!! Yes Robert Redford sucks and so do his politics and so does his festival. Have fun movie junkies make sure to talk all intellectual like at the local pubs in Park City and maybe just maybe you can get an autograph of a soon to be rehabbed celebrity!!!! And then get the HE** out of our city.


Anonymous said...

Hollywood does suck! These stupid movie stars are so busy getting glammed(?) up I think they forgot how to act or do they even have to act anymore? All they care about is their looks and their botox! There are so many "actors" out there I dont even know who is really famous or just infamous. All you need is a good sex tape and you are in. It is sick.
ps-could we just be pmsing?

Nikki said...

PMSing:yes I think that is a very big possibility!!! of course I think they suck whether I am retaining water or not!! hehe.......N :D

ba and the boys said...

i think the 'idea' behind sundance was a good one...movies that would not get out there might find someone who believed in them. but that isnt what it is now. so many of them are just a vehical for a famous 'star' to show they have some 'street cred'. once in awhile you have a 'napolian', but most of them are just a chanch for people to get naked on screen and call it 'art'. my kids run around naked all day (if i would let them) and no one calls that is called life. and it isnt pretty! hee hee!
got to love your blog nikki! see you at scouts!

icanseeclearlynow said...

hmmm...i must confess, i really don't have too much of an opinion about sundance. i can definitely feel your frustration through this post. and i guess if all those people were traipsing through my town, it would piss me off too. so dear friend, you have my sympathy.

btw, i like robert redford as an actor. i don't know too much about his irl persona, but i like his work.

later gator.



Nikki said...

Maria......I love "The Natural" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid" and a few others. I agree he has some great flicks....irl, not my kinda guy!! thanks for chimin'......:) N

ba and the boys said...

i actually like the movie 'barefoot in the park' with rr. and i could even stand jane fonda in it. (gasp)
in fact, i had a friend whoes parents were in nyc while he was filming part of the movie and he would come to their ward.
such a mormon urban myth, i know...

Mike said...

While I wouldn't dispute that there are a great many liberal actor dill-holes, I think it's amusing when conservatives say that the liberal actors should shut up about politics. I don't know the numbers, but I think there have been more conservative actors in politics over the years. Just off the top of my head: Arnold, Reagan, Fred Thompson, Sonny Bono, Chuck Hagel (Senator in Nebraska, was the doctor on Emergency!) How many liberal actors have gone on to be governor or a US senator or president? I can't think of any.

Just my $.02

Nikki said...

What I hate is the hypocrisy. They are all about gun control and put out violent movies etc.Only Rosies body guards should have guns, conservatives are idiots etc.I could go on and on. The Huffington Post has hundreds of celebritites that have a sounding board and throw the hate ball at conservatives and get heard......I am just taking my turn on them with my blog. Its a hate hate relationship. I think they have nerve telling Americans what to think when their lives are so messed up. They don't need to shut-up I just get to have a blog and spew liberal hate too!!! yay!! and and those no hot ones!!! haha Nikki

Cameron said...

let me guess, you've never been to sundance. said...

Well, I'm not Redford but I did accidentally stumble across this blog on Sundance.

Wow, no punches are being pulled here.

Cameron, I have been to Sundance, and in my experience it was more than a bit pompous. A whole lot of individuals as described by Nikke appeared to walk over me while I was there. Although, I am not a hater of Mr. Redford's politics Ms. Nikki makes a really strong point that it's nice for him to be able to own mountain land (which, to my understanding, is being sold off in parcels to pay for the taxes on the remaining land. How ironic is that?) While the rest of us are facing newly enacted rules preventing the very same type of property ownership throughout the country.

Regardless. I do not typically blog, but, the subject of Sundance is a fun one for me. I shot a low budget digital film a couple years back titled Wearing Hitler's Pants. It was my attempt to create characters that lampoon these fixated movie types who seek the ultimate glory of Sundance at all cost. Please keep in mind that I don't believe it's Mr Redford's fault that his festival has become a dog and pony show for the studios. Regardless, it sure does seem there are more than a fair share of self promoting buttheads out there mucking it up. I have a scene posted on my YouTube site which was lifted, literally form a conversation I overheard while at Sundance.

The name of the scene is titled A CONVERSATION ON HOW TO GET INTO SUNDANCE. In it a group of actors and directors discuss what it would take to "Get in." It is a perverse conversation and it's really pretty silly human behavior, but, I do think Nikki's characterization of Sundance is more accurate than not.

Just my two cents.

bIRD OF Paradise said...

So how much desert did she and robert REDford trample while making that crappy movie THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN? and how much amunition was used for that junk FUN WITH DICK AND JANE?

westernrider said...

I want personally thank Robert Redford for helping to ruin what was once a great outdoor past time...horseback riding. Thanks to that piece of crap film "The Horse Whisperer" which has produced "intuitive" riders who are totally dangerous to work with! You better know what the f you are doing when handling a 1000 lb. animal. Now it is the norm for some suburban asshole to walk onto a horse ranch with NO experience and start telling the help (with a lifetime of experience) how to "communicate" with a horse! Low and behold, injuries and accidents have skyrocketed due to this IDIOCY! I want to thank Mr. Redford for his wonderful OUTDOOR MOVIES!!! Thanks! Will you come to my job and tell these people where to go!!!
BTY, River Runs Through It Ruined Flyfishing As Well!!!
Real country people don't throw pearls to swine! Go back to California!!!