Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's the economy, stupid, is once again the theme of the election. In my mind we are more apathetic about terrorism than ever. And why is this? Is it because we are safe? If we are then should President Bush be credited with this new found security? If all is well, let's focus on our economy and sending those nasty illegal immigrants back where they came from. I know what the comments are going to be already. I can write them for you if you would prefer. We aren't safer, we are just lucky that an attack has not happened since 9/11. Or, the idiot in the White House master minded the whole thing, which in itself would be an oxy-moron, since you would have to have some form of intelligence to pull off something as catastrophic as 9/11. Or he has made the terrorists stronger and more unified by attacking Iraq and we are less safe, and any moment they will strike again. There are more arguments coming and I can't wait to hear them. I know we all have behind the scenes information that Bush is not responsible for our lucky 7 years. I also know that if there were an attack on U.S. soil he would very loudly be held accountable. Why not stipulate that the past 7 years, free from any attack, can be credited to the Bush asministration. It would be painful and could cause a mass gagging reflex, but be intellectually honest and admit that we have not had another terrorist attack under President Bush's watch. Knock on wood. I know that our rights have been trampled on. OK no I don't think that. I have never been illegally searched and siezed nor have I been strip searched at the airport. There have been old ladies that have been run through the ringer and this is because the PC police wouldn't have it any other way. Can you imagine strip searching only Middle Eastern looking individuals?? Whoa!! HELLO racial profiling!! Things aren't perfect and there is much to be done and improved. And yes there is a threat and for some reason I think the Prez is the only one that has fulfilled his commitment of being steadfast in this cause. The rest of America has moved on to greener pastures of economic stimulation and healthcare packages. These things are important, but there is no doubt in my mind that we would point out the very moment the President went back on his word. Here we are enjoying peace of mind. We let Bush take credit for all the bad but can't credit any good. That is the job he signed up to do and he is where the buck stops. Most Americans are ignorant about the Bush doctrine of peace in the Middle East and his philosophy to rid the world of terror. It is called freedom from oppression. A person is more likely to NOT be a terrorist in a free society. At least some form of democracy, even in a small form, would relieve the angry oppressed being from tyranny. But that is not so important anymore, because we are complacent and now we can get back to blaming Bush for the misery in our lives. Feel free to point out we haven't caught Bin Laden. I am sure Bush takes him to lunch everyday and trims his beard for him. The men and women working day and night in many different government agencies to protect us, are really only depriving us of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We sit comfortably in our homes with worries of paying bills and contemplate what to cook for dinner. We complain about the crappy job the President is doing and describe him as being just plain moronic. Imagine doing a better job sitting on our couches. It is amazing the bitching and moaning Americans do while sitting and enjoying a beer and watching lame reality TV. So now the 3rd most important issue with Americans is terrorism. Not first, 3rd. Thank the President for this apathy. For if there was cause for concern it would mean there was an attack and he certainly would be under fire not to mention flat out responsible. He didn't do enough. His critics would be all over that one like a wet towel on a water buffalo. And it would be the most important issue once again. To me it still is the big issue. But out of sight, out of mind. Guess it's good. Guess it's bad. And then there is Barack and the Hill/Bill machine. They are on this same page of apathy. Diplomacy and nicey nice. Big smooches to the jihadists. But of course Obama is so inspirational he may be able to win the hearts and minds of the evil-doers. They may get "Obama-mania" too and decide to follow the pied piper. He can cure what ails them. The Hill/Bill machine is just much more able to handle these threats. She cares, she really cares. Oops I forgot the terrorists hate women. Bummer. I guess it is worth a try. Yep, and MONKEYS ARE GONNA FLY OUT OF MY BUTT TOO!!!!


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Awesome rant!

A couple things, though. First, we all know that Bush didn't pull off the 9/11 attacks. It was Cheney. Second, and more important, the reason that we haven't had any attacks in the US since 9/11 may be due to the fact that the threat from terrorism is greatly exaggerated. There is a great essay in Foreign Affairs about it. For example:

"a secret FBI report in 2005 wistfully noted that although the bureau had managed to arrest a few bad guys here and there after more than three years of intense and well-funded hunting, it had been unable to identify a single true al Qaeda sleeper cell anywhere in the country."

Before 9/11, Bush's approval rating was in the mid 40's. After 9/11 it was in the 80's. He has been clinging to that glory ever since. The Republicans have been trying their damnedest to keep everyone deathly afraid that we're going to be attacked again because they want to win elections. Period.

So one could argue (as I am here) that while Bush doesn't deserve any credit for the six-plus years we've enjoyed without a terrorist attack in the US, he most certainly deserves the blame for the one we had on his watch, and for the fear of terrorism that is so deeply ingrained in so many Americans' hearts.

And as soon as Obama is sworn in, on 01/20/09, the jihadists will greet us as liberators. :)

icanseeclearlynow said...

this was a good read, nik. i could feel your passion in this post. yeah, you're probably right. i confess that i am one of those that don't think much more about getting attacked. no, that's not completely accurate. i should say, i don't DWELL on the idea of getting attacked. but i do startle at a plane flying too low.

we're all only human, so of course we all will point fingers and play the blame game. it's what we do. what would we blog about if we didn't?

you know, i do want to point out something about the team you're batting for. something you and i have discussed. i see that most of your comments are from the opposing team. it must be interesting to be a member of a team of snobs. cause snobs hold their tongues and pretend they didn't hear you. i KNOW the elephants are lurking, so why aren't they speaking up? i'm just saying.

i LOVE you're spunk and the intelligent way you bring your fire, nik. you are a loyal team player!



Nikki said...

Hey Mike... thanks for reading!! Your point that the threat of terrorism by the right may be exaggerated is a viable argument. Though seeing as the muslim religion is one of the largest in the world and a great many of those practicing are in fact extremists, I am not so sure it is blown out of proportion. But I see your point, but I am not sure it will change my philosophy that we are under if not constant than some form of threat from extremists. And I do agree that it is used politically by politicians on the right. There may be no need for any further pre-emptive offensive measures, but readiness can't hurt. And pre-emptive strikes speak louder than the previous policy of not dealing with terrorists by any measure what so ever.....perhaps a happy medium? I can live with that. A very thought provoking comment. thanks. Nikki :)

Maria.....Not dwelling on a possible attack is also a point well taken from your comment. It isn't healthy and hopefully we all are not dwelling on the possibility, too many other things to worry about. And you are right (no pun intended haha) I only seem to have left leaning commenters.....things that make you go hmmm. I suppose they are letting me duke it out for a little entertainment. Or they aren't so confident in their views. I don't really know. I appreciate all readers but my readers that comment even the ones that think I am a right winged nutjob are appreciated for having the guts to get after it!!! thanks for coming over to the jungle!! hahaha especially since you KNOW I am a nutjob and still like me anyway!! hugs :) Nikki..... sorry too much nicey nice ;)

King Coby said...

The Harvard Review conducted a worldwide study on this very subject. Islam is without a doubt the single largest organized religion on the planet. It is an enigmatic philosophy that does not discriminate based on race. 93% of Muslims that were either interviewed or polled held cultural bias toward the west. However interestingly enough when asked whether or not they were for or against the many Jihads that take place they were overwhelmingly against that practice. The study showed that over a two year period close to 1 million muslims were polled. Of that 7 % would be considered "Extremists" A relatively small Number. With that said can it be deduced that our nations current foreign policy against this small percentage of practicing muslims is futile? That of course is an answer that has many different answers. It is only my opinion that due to the Theological history of this argument there can never really be a suitable answer. One mans bar room brawl is another mans Jihad.


Love your predictions, Mike!! <3, <3,...mmmmmuuuuaahhhh! Can't wait! It's going to be an new America!