Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today I was sitting in the shop my family owns and an intern from the local city government came in and asked if she could display a sign in our window. The sign was to let citizens know that there was a meeting open to the public with 3 city council members. We talked a bit about local issues and she said she was a student at the University of Utah doing an internship for her poly sci major. I asked if she voted for Barack Obama and she said "yes, how did you know?" and I said "because it's what all the cool kids are doing." Then I asked her what she likes about him and she said "he is so like charismatic and he is so like inspiring." Ok so I am like exaggerating a little, she only said it like a few times. She went on to describe a POLITICIAN the way I would never describe one. She used words like inspiring, honest, articulate, awesome, amazing and on and on and on about his demeanor. I think she is in love with him. So I gave her another chance. I asked her which of his policies were so inspiring and she said "well he is like a democrat and so he says we can change like all the like bad stuff the republicans did." I inquired about the "stuff" and it was like right then like she had to go like. Shocker. It was then I began blogging and ranting in my brain. This Obama-mania is creeping me out. Do his supporters realize he is running for the Presidency of the United States of America and not to be the next Jimmy Swaggart? People are literally crying and screaming at his rallies like they are at a Billy Graham revival. The emotionalism in his supporters is strange. I was called a racist for even criticizing him. I am sure Obama supporters are reading this and crying. This is politics folks. You know, politicians are those HUMANS that create stupid legislation and they all fight over whether or not it should pass. They take money from interest groups and call each other ugly names and blame the other party for the problems in our country. Remember, politicians are slimy, ALL OF THEM. We really are just trying to pick the slime ball we agree with the most. Then we vote accordingly and go on about our day and pray for the least amount of screw-up possible. I would be willing to bet that there are Barack Obama "fans" that have pictures of him on their wall right next to their favorite band posters. "Yes We Can!" is going over and over in these crazy Obama-maniacs minds. They probably have no idea what his platform is other than he is a great orator and he is "inspiring". OK great. Young people need inspiration so they turn to a politician. Nope nothing strange about that. Some may argue that at least they are interested in politics. I say no they aren't. I remember crying at a Shawn Cassidy concert. No lie. That Hardy Boy made me so crazy I freaked out and screamed and cried at his concert. He shook his booty and it changed my life. I was truly in awe. I was just as big of an idiot at a U2 concert in 2001. I submit to you that Obama is winning based on emotion and absolutely no substance. He is the pied piper that gets the people to follow his eloquence and optimism. Perhaps he can change the world. I guess that is the part that keeps me up at night. The Global Poverty Act(emphasis on GLOBAL, not U.S., GLOBAL), universal health care, bringing the troops home in an unfinished war, diplomacy and pacifism, liberal supreme court judges, repealing tax cuts and then raising them further to pay for 5 more government agencies, yep we need more government bureaucracies. He has one of the highest numbers of earmarks in the budget. It is running in upwards of 200 MILLION dollars. Though in all fairness Hillary has more. John McCain by the way has zero, zip, none, nada. Obama is running on the change and hope ticket and I just don't get inspired by any politicians, because rumor has it that his speeches are all pandering and rhetoric laced with empty promises. I just want politicians to kick some terrorist ass, jump start the economy by letting me keep more of MY money and stay out of trouble in the White House. No need to look to a lying republican or democrat for guidance. The only good thing about the youth following Obama is the short attention spans they carry. Whew. Maybe he is right, there is hope. Hope that the youth sleep in when it is time to punch a chad and he will lose. No offense to him personally. I am sure he is a nice guy with a nice family. So don't freak out Obama groupies.
Next time I see a press conference with George I am getting out my lighter, taking my bra off and throwing it at the TV all while I am screaming my head off as tears stream down my face. Strategery we can inspirate about!!! YEP WE DID!!!!


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. I almost pity that poor Obama supporter. Almost. :) It's an interesting point that you make about how perhaps a lot of Obama supporters are ignorant of his positions, yet support him so strongly. To find another example of this, we'd have to go all the way back to... Bush's supporters in 2004.

"Americans who plan to vote for President Bush have many incorrect assumptions about his foreign policy positions."

Funny, that.

Also, "I remember crying at a Shawn Cassidy concert."

Ha haa.

ba and the boys said...

1st off, leave your bra on. your 'girls' need all the help they can get.
2nd, i hate to say it but i actually fell in love with obama after iowa. his speach got me so excited! i have since calmed down, and am trying to get behind mccain.
obama has that 'thing'.
but you have that 'thing' too. you get free stuff from the swawns guy and i have heard about you in resturants!
maybe YOU should run for office...

ps-i saw david cassiday on the oprah show this week. he is still hot (i wasnt a shawn lover).

Nikki said...

Mike, touche on the Bush comment, however I doubt there were people screaming and crying for him after a speech, ok so maybe the left was!! I am sure it was painful. actually the true reason I was crying was because I stole the money from my mother to pay for the ticket and I got busted!! I was in for some trouble when I got home!!!! :)N

BA.....Yes Obama should be a movie star he has some major charisma. Let's focus girlfriend HE IS LIBERAL say it with me 10 times....he is liberal he is liberal!! say it all day if you have to....:)N

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik! he's a great speaker, yes. rockstar? hmm not so much... at least not to me. i believe that girl you talked with about obama is no different than the majority of young people in every presidential election in the history of the country. i do believe kennedy was rockstaresque in the eyes of the young people AND older people of his era. since when does the majority of americans investigate the platforms of their chosen politicians. we're always relied on the media and pundits like yourself to apprise us.

another good post girlie!



Thomas said...

I have been calling this election the "cool kids" election for awhile now. I was not a cool kid back in high school and I don't think things have changed much since.

Nikki said...

Maria......Kennedyesque is a good comparison. And of course the ill informed voter is what keeps me up at night. Ok so it is my husbands snoring but it does make for a more interesting comment.....hahaha thanks for popping in chickie!! Hope you are doing well maybe we can chat soon...:)N

Thomas, don't sell yourself short you are a cool kid I can tell...and I was a totally cool kid and still am so welcome to the popular crowd!! just kidding I really am just an old has been at this point in life!!! :)N

John of fitness training Austin said...

BHO is an empty suit with nothing in his pockets. Incredibly you can hear from his own supporters ->

Nikki said...

thanks john I am posting this!!! :)N

King Coby said...

LOL as if youtube is the barometer of this election? You REBS assume that we DEMS are just mindless robots that do not know the issues? Let me tell you all something, I trully feel that it is you that wear blinders and hide behind the terrorist threat to the USA. What else has this administartion done beside spend our surplus and give us a 600 dollar check? Word to the REBS Keep your friggen check and do soomething about this recession. Carl Rove single handedly destroyed this great country. He and his legacy will not be missed when he is gone.

Nikki said...

I don't assume dems are mindless at all. Just most of the overly passionate Obama supporters. I don't think any politician is worthy of crying and screaming fans. I would submit to you that Hillary supporters are much more grounded in what they believe and are voting for her based on her abilities and accomplishments. i would be willing to bet that Hillary supporters are far more intelligent about her vs. emotional. Obama supporters it would appear to be more of a religious following and far less a substantive connectian between voter and candidate.
And as far as a terrorism threat thank George Bush for your peace of mind and apathy because I am sure 7 years ago you weren't feeling so secure. Thanks for your passionate comment as ususal. Nikki

tammy said...

Thank goodness...i thought i was the only one thinking this stuff.

:) tammy

MsToOHollyWooD said...

great post nikki. i can see what your saying since ur talking about my generation :). majority of my friends and peers are on the Obama bandwagon especially after the "yes we can" debacle. to be honest i'm not jumping on any bandwagon because all politicians are a bunch of liars. his utopian ideals are a little out there for me so i'm going to need him to come back to this planet before i decide to vote for him. i guess when it comes down to it i shall choose the lesser of the evils right?

Nikki said...

hey there have a very unique view of observation that most of us old folks don't have. Being in college and surrounded by the youth vote gives you a perspective that none of us are privvy too. I can tell you are a bright girl with a mind of her own and waiting to make the right judgment after further assessment is not only smart but wise. Yes I would say that most politicians lie and pander. However, I am not one of those people that thinks they all want to damage America. I think for the most part they want to lie and obtain power to steer the U.S. in a direction of what they deem to be right for America. In other words they justify the means to an end. If that makes any sense at all. But you are right few are there that will honestly try to win the WH or any other position of power. But we Americans also contribute to this negative behavior by rewarding it. Like the Obama popularity, his promises seem to be working and a lot of people are buying what he is selling, as unrealistic and costly it may be. Thanks for visiting my blog and making an intelligent comment. I am going to link you up!!! :)N