Thursday, February 21, 2008

Debates that Grate ON MY NERVES!!!!

Let's face it, politicians aren't lacking in the self-esteem department. They all are ego maniacs or they wouldn't be running for the position of most powerful person in the world. It must be exhausting touting all of your accomplishments 24/7. My day today was the same as yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. I bring this up because I don't intend on being so overly struck by "change" that I can give credit for all the good things in my life over to a politician. This is the theme of the 2008 election. Change. Like we all are living in a cess pool of crap in the midst of concentration camps suffering like poor downtrodden serfs waiting for the white horse democrats to save us from the depths of hell. Am I suffering without my knowledge? Does my life suck and I don't know it?? OOPS I forgot, there are those who are suffering and indeed waiting for a government hand-out, they are called democrats. What was I thinking.
So I watched the debate tonight. It couldn't have been more boring. The questions couldn't have been more lame. The officiator couldn't have been more butt-kissing. The answers couldn't have been more stupid. The candidates couldn't have been more scary. Obama was clearly confident in his new found fame and popularity, which gives him an edge because we all know he is a great speaker. I thought I saw someone faint in the front row and he rescued her like only Superman can.....oops that staged little act only happens at rallies. 8 times as matter of fact. Very strange. Obama was extremely Horseshackish in his "let me, let me, respond to that" quibbles. He also was doodling most of the time. I would really like the media to get a copy of some of the pretty pictures he colored. Who knows he may be an arteest! He hasn't brushed up on his foreign policy at all, but he has a new found role as "father" of our country. I felt scolded when he was confronted with plaigerism accusations. He called it "silly time politics" to question his credibility and scolded us all for insinuating that he would do such a thing, even though he did. I felt so naughty. OK dude give me some kool-aid and I will drink it. He misrepresented a Bush policy in stating that companies get tax breaks for having overseas workers. It is quite the opposite. They may get more INCOME because of cheap foreign labor, but the government gives tax breaks to manufacturers who hire and employ Americans in America. Slip of the tongue I am sure. Obama didn't sound so optimistic tonight. Oh I am sorry it was because unless he is in office we will sink into the ocean and he was being PESSIMISTIC about anyone but HIM saving our lives. What was I thinking.
Hill/Bill acted like hospitals were turning away children who had axes coming out of their heads and the doctor asked "do you have insurance little girl, because if you don't I have to let you die!!!" yes this is the scene painted by Hill/Bill and Obama. People dying right and left because hospitals are refusing to care for them. She also took her favorite pot shots at Bush calling him stupid followed by a cackle. She said the President wanted to build a fence through the middle of a college. I mean seriously was he dropped on his head as a child, cackle cackle. Obama doodle doodle. Obama won't look up. Hill/Bill bloviates for what seems like hours about her tough yet soft stand on immigration. I am also tired of the richy rich jokes about republicans and there were plenty of those tonight. Hill/Bill tried to look as congenial as possible nodding her head and smiling. We all know she wanted to punch Obama in the face. The night was really about who could get the most applause after a long stupid drawn-out answer to a softball question. Being as detailed as possible means being long winded, and of course saying NOTHING. I couldn't watch anymore. I got a headache listening to the bullcrap. I am not saying republicans aren't full of it. They are. Just not as much as the democrats. So I am going to bed. It is exhausting being RIGHT all the time. But someone has to do it!!!!


Freadom said...

Thanks for the report.

Nikki said...

Oh Freadom you can't read it yet it needs soooo much editing....but no problem. it was harsh. :)N

icanseeclearlynow said...

LOL!! where do i even begin, you have SOOO many witticisms!

"it's exhausting being right all the time, but some one has to do it."

LOVE that remark!

aawwww!! i remember horshak!! he was cute and funny!

ok, did hil really say the word "stupid?" i must have missed that. if she said that about bush i'm gonna have to give her a second look.

LOL! he was NOT doodling, young lady. i have been in his very position before. it is very important to use moments like that to practice your signature!

seriously, obama won this debate hands down. at first hil was holding herself together with the body language. but then towards the end she had this permanent smirk of her face, like she was saying, "yeah right! bullsh*t!" LOL! you're right she did look like she wanted to deck him. you and i are different kinds of anti-debate viewers. you are the pundit/professor who's studied and expect those "students" to bring it with their knowledge. i have no such expectation. i find it amusing and entertaining cause i know both students are full of crap, using crib notes, and putting on a performance for their adoring audience!

LOL! on that pic. i LOVE it! glad i waited til this morning to commment. GREAT post!



Marci said...

This may stray a little from the current post, but I wanted to say thanks. Last night while doing the dishes I thought, I wonder what Nikki thinks about Obama and the whole Oprah deal (I am a fairly new reader to the blog) so I searched your blog and just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

Nikki said...

Maria, I was sooooo tired when I wrote this!! I am glad you saw the humor in it and I am glad you watched the debate. It is hard for me to say who won objectively because I don't care for either candidate, but that is the buzz going around that Obama kicked some booty. poor Hill. And I gree with you on the bullcrap and entertainment aspects!! It is fun to watch the body language and shmoosing they do for the audience!! thanks for reading and the fun comment!!! I will head over to your place in a minute!! luv ya :)N

Marci, thanks for the comment!! this blog gets so much more attention than my other one but I appreciate you reading my rants!!! I have a respiratory therapist link up now I will put up your chiropractic link.I think it will interest some of my readers!! thanks for poppin in. :)N

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. I missed the debate last night. Was it on cable?

That movie poster is funny. I bet it's going to be a shock when a democrat takes over, after 8 years of hard-nosed fiscal responsibility under Bush. Ha ha, I couldn't even type that with a straight face! If only there were an organization that tracks government pork. Oh, wait, there is. According to the Heritage Foundation, the largest number of earmarks ever was in 2005. Who was in charge then? That's right, the Republicans!

I'm just giving you a hard time because a lot of your readers may not know that the Bush administration is responsible for the most spending by anybody ever in the history of the world. (More or less.)

And I think Obama was probably drawing pictures of Hillary with a mustache and beard and daggers flying at her and planes dropping bombs on her. But that's just a guess.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike!! very edgy today, I like it!! ummm I think the republicans were in charge by like 1 person in the senate and until earmarks were transparent in 2006 we have no idea who the big spenders were. Just trying to get it in under the wire I guess before we all found out about the statues and libraries named after lame politicians!!! And I think you are right he was scribbling some mustaches and bombs and daggers LOL!!.....wouldn't that be a hoot to show that to the public!!! YES I am going to suffer greatly with a dem in the WH......I am praying for a scandal!! :)N