Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here is a funny picture to keep the juices flowing until I get my act together and post something.........suffering from a bit of thought drought. I will undoubtedly get all bent out of shape about something soon so stay tuned.......I may be coming unglued here soon!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

LOL! yeah, i'd agree that's the way things are looking in the clinton home right about now.

nice find, nik!



ba and the boys said...

im so sick of the democrats and their debates. just pick one and get on with it. and when i say pick one, we know that it will be obama.

Nikki said...

Maria.....hey Hillary can always start a blog eh??? haha :)N

BA...yep like we need another debate. Who hasn't made up their minds yet anyway??? :)N

MsToOHollyWooD said...

i love this! yeah the democratic debates are getting old and redundant. hillary just needs to give it a rest and stop being so angry. and it seems obama is losing all sense of humility with all this hype surrounding him. im kinda getting sick of the both of them. i almost forgot that there are republican candidates running too.


Nikki said...

hey there mstoohollywood.....I think everyone has forgotten that there was a republican running!! The 2 dems are definately dominating the news right now. I agree that Obama is getting a little too arrogant and I like the way you put it that he is losing his sense of humility. Well put....and Hill can't come to grips with possibly losing. Of course the blogging material is old and redundant. thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! :)N